WP Activity Log 2.6.6 Released

We just released an update of WP Activity Log, the most popular and widely used WordPress security activity log plugin. The main highlight of this update is the ability to keep a record of changes done to custom fields created by Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and similar plugins.

Note that we also released the new Search 2.0 add-on, with a new UI and functionality. Read the WP Activity Log Search 2.0 release notes for more information.

Logging Capabilities of Custom Fields

Prior to this release, the plugin was only keeping a log of changes done to the built-in custom fields of WordPress in posts, pages and posts with custom post type. Though with this update, it is also able to keep a record in the WordPress activity log when the value of a custom field created by ACF is changed in a post, page, post with custom post type and also user profiles.

In fact with this update we also introduced two new alerts:

  • Alert 4015: User updated Custom Field in a user profile
  • Alert 4016: User created a custom Field in a user profile

Refer to the list of WordPress activity log alerts for a complete list of changes that the WP Activity Log plugin can keep a record of on a WordPress website.

Other Notable Updates

We also included other updates in this version, such as:

  1. A new option to either show the Username or the First & Last Name of the users in the WordPress Audit Trial.

Option to display either username of first and last name of user in WordPress activity log

  1. Changed the naming format and location of 404 error log files. For more information refer to the logging of 404 errors with WP Activity Log. Note: we changed the naming format because there were security issues with the format we were using before. Thank you Enable Security for the proof of concept and help with this issue.
  2. We also added a new Tooltip functionality to filter all alerts by IP Address, as shown in the below screenshot.

Filter over IP address to view more details within WordPress activity logs

Updating WP Activity Log

You will be alerted in your WordPress dashboard / admin pages that a new WP Activity Log plugin update is available. The updating process is all automated, though should you encounter any problems please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What Do You Think of WP Activity Log?

The WP Activity Log plugin was designed to help WordPress website owners and businesses keep a record of everything that is happening on their website. Did WP Activity Log help you in some way? Have you been using it for a few months and maybe years? If yes, we would appreciate if you can spare a minute to send some stars our way and let us know what are your thoughts on the plugin.

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