WP Activity Log 2.5.8 is Released

We just released an update of the WP Activity Log plugin and all the premium add-ons. In this update we standardized the date and time formats the plugin and all the add-ons use, and also the time zone.

With this update, the WordPress activity log of WP Activity Log can now be used by businesses, government agencies and similar organizations as an official record to adhere with today’s strict compliance requirements.

Time & Date Format in the WordPress Audit Trail

The date and time format used to time stamp the alerts in the WordPress activity log will now have the same format as configured in your WordPress website. Therefore if for example the date and time formats on your WordPress are configured as mm-dd-yyyy and as AM/PM time format, the time stamps used in the WordPress activity log will be with the same format as per the screenshot below.

Configuring the WordPress date and time format settings for the Audit Trail

Time and Date Format in WP Activity Log Premium Add-Ons

The same update applies to all the premium add-ons, so if you have any of them installed you will be prompted to update them. In short, with this update:

  1. All the timestamps in the email alerts generated by the Email Notifications Add-On will use the same date and time format, and time zone configured in WordPress.
  2. All the WordPress reports changes generated with the Reports Add-On will use the date and time format, and time zone configured in WordPress.
  3. All the logged in and expiration times reported in the Users Sessions Management Add-On will use the same date and time format, and time zone configured in WordPress.
  4. All the input fields that require a date or time, such as the filters in the Search Add-On now have a help text that shows which format should be used when entering the date or time.

Other Updates and Improvements

With this update we also applied some improvements to the custom alerts. Please read the updated documentation on how to create your own custom alerts for WP Activity Log for more detailed information on how you can create your own custom alerts.

And last but not least, we fixed some issues reported in the plugin’s support forums and changed the extension of the request log file to php, so it cannot be downloaded directly via a normal HTTP GET request.

Refer to the plugin change log on the WordPress repository for a complete list of changes, updates and bug fixes.

Update the WP Activity Log Plugin and Add-Ons

You will be prompted to update the plugin and add-ons in the Plugins page in the WordPress admin pages. Should you encounter any issues do not hesitate to get in touch and please do spare a minute to rate our plugin. Everyone likes stars!

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