Activity logs for WooCommerce 1.2: Logs of software downloads & improved code

The third and last (but not least) plugin update for the day is Activity Log for WooCommerce 1.2, the WP Activity Log plugin extension for WooCommerce store owners who want to keep a log of what is happening in their store (refer to the activity log for WooCommerce for more detailed information on this extension).

In this update we focused mostly on improving the coverage of the activity logs. Now the WP Activity Log and this extension can keep a record of the software download settings changes, and can also keep a log of WooCommerce software downloads!

Let’s dive right in to see what are the new event IDs in the WooCommerce plugin.

Activity logs for software downloads via WooCommerce

WooCommerce has a variety of features. One of them is to allow you to sell software downloads.

If you are selling software via WooCommerce now you have the ability to keep a log of who has downloaded your product(s), regardless if they are logged in or not! The plugin also keeps a log of the software download settings changes. For example in the below screenshot you can see event ID 9099 (visitor / user downloaded the software), and event IDs 9097 and 9098 (user Martin changed the download limit and download expiry settings).

Events in the activity log about WooCommerce software downloads and other changes
These are the new event IDs the plugin uses in the activity log to keep a record of the above mentioned changes:

  • ID 9097: the download limit of a product was changed
  • ID 9098: the download expire setting of a product was changed
  • ID 9099: a software product was downloaded

Refer to the complete list of event IDs in the WordPress activity log for more details about each event ID and what change it represents.

Performance & the other major change in this update

In the last few updates we have released several WP Activity Log plugin extensions, so the plugin can keep a log of changes that happen in other popular plugins such as Yoast SEO and WPForms.

To manage all these extensions, and the many others that we have planned, we have created a code template, so all these extensions can be easily maintained. This code was developed with performance and reliability in mind, so you, the user can keep a log of everything that happens on your website without having to lift a finger.

In this update of this WooCommerce extension we have replaced the old code with this new better performing and more reliable code. As a result, this new update is way better than its predecessors!

Update now to Activity Log for WooCommerce 1.2

Use WP Activity Log with the activity log for WooCommerce extension and keep a log of all the changes that happen on your WordPress site and WooCommerce store and products.

Thank you for supporting WP Activity log, the #1 user rated activity log plugin for WordPress.

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