WP Activity Log 3.0 Is Released

After three long months, WP Activity Log version 3.0 has finally arrived. The most recent version of WordPress’ most comprehensive and complete activity log solution features a new licensing model & mechanism, new alerts, several updates and bug fixes. Here is a highlight of what is new and improved in the latest version of this plugin.

New Licensing Model

As announced a few days ago, from version 3.0 onward we will no longer sell individual add-ons. Instead the WP Activity Log will be available in four editions:

  • Free – as it currently is,
  • Starter – includes Email Alerts and Search,
  • Professional – includes Email Alerts, Search, Reports, Users Sessions Management, Database Management and Integrations module,
  • Business – the same as the Professional Edition but also with priority support and account manager.

For more details on the new licensing mechanism, such as when the existing customers will be migrated, read the post  2018 – New Licensing Model for the WP Activity Log WordPress Plugin. If you have any questions on the new licensing mechanism please do not hesitate to contact us.




Email & Phone
Comprehensive activity log
Email notifications
Instant SMS alerts
Search & filters
Users sessions management
External DB & integrations
Priority support

Integration with Freemius

In this release of WP Activity Log plugin we also included Freemius, which will allow us to provide free trials, better manage our licensing program and accept credit card payments via a new payment gateway, not just PayPal payments.

Freemius will also give us the functionality to better understand our users and how they are using our plugin, thus helping us in continuously improve the plugin and make sure it meets all of our customers’ requirements. You can read more about Freemius in What is Freemius and How Do We Use It.

Note that opting in is optional and should you choose to not opt-in, the plugin will still work. Also when you opt-in to send us diagnostic data, NO activity log and user activity is sent to us.

Freemius & WP Activity Log

Other Noteworthy Features

Apart from the two big changes above, which took most of the development time for this release, we also managed to fit in some other new features, which are:

  • New Alerts for change of WordPress URL (6024) and site URL (6025),
  • Fixed a number of coding issues to make the plugin WP Engine compliant,
  • Plugin now also captures the status and created date of a post. This data is needed to implement new features in future versions.
  • Updated the Italian translation files.

All of these improvements along with a number of a handful of bug fixes help make the WP Activity Log plugin better than ever before.

Updating WP Activity Log

The update of version 3.0 is available today and can be installed directly from your WordPress admin Plugins page. Should you have any queries or require any assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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