Update 3.4.3 – Front-end plugin performance improvements & MainWP extension support

Research data shows that people are less productive in summer. Though the hot summer sun does not affect everyone: today, we are announcing the third WP Activity Log plugin update for summer 2019, version 3.4.3.

In this post we will tell you all about the new updates.

(Another) very big and final plugin performance update

In 2019 we’ve set out to improve the plugin’s performance. We have included performance improvements in almost every update we released in 2019. With this update we continued on what we have done so far this year.

However, in this update we went a step further: we’ve worked closely with Mark Jaquith, one of the five lead WordPress developers, to help us conclude this performance project.

Thanks to his valuable input, this version of the plugin is at least 5.5 times faster than the previous one. Its footprint on a WordPress website is negligible. The following statistic highlights how much the plugin’s performance has improved this year:

Version 3.4.3 is at least 15 times faster, and uses just 10% of the resource that version 3.3.1 used!

We compared version 3.4.3 to version 3.3.1 because 3.3.1 was the first update released in the beginning of this year.

Search and reports for MainWP activity logs extension

Soon, we are to release the premium edition of the Activity Logs for MainWP extension. In the premium edition of the MainWP extension users can search in the activity logs of all the child sites on the network. They can also also generate reports from the child sites activity logs.

Since the premium edition of the MainWP extension depends on WP Activity Log, in this version we have included updates to support this remote functionality.

Other notable plugin improvements

In WP Activity Log version 3.4.3 we have also improved:

  • WooCommerce activity log coverage (e.g. plugin now keeps a log of product changes done through quick edit),
  • Improved the coverage of draft posts (plugin reports the details of draft post changes),
  • Plugin also mirrors the IP address of the event when mirroring of WordPress logs to Slack,
  • We shortened the events text in dashboard widget for better readability,
  • Added the title of the report in HTML reports,

Update to WP Activity Log 3.4.3

We highly recommend you to update to this version to benefit from the major performance update we included. You can update the plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

For more details about what is new, improved and fixed in this update please refer to the WP Activity Log changelog. If you have any questions, or need to get in touch with us you can do so from our plugin support page.

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