Managing the WordPress activity log plugin privileges

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Note: if you got locked out of WordPress activity log refer to Regaining access to the WordPress activity log.

There are two types of user privileges that can be configured in the WP Activity Log plugin. These are:

View WordPress activity log

Users who have View WordPress activity log privilege can view the WordPress activity log and search in it as well, though they cannot change any of the plugin settings. Refer to how to allow users with no Admin role to view the WordPress activity log to learn how you can assign users or users with a specific role this privilege.

Manage the plugin settings

Users who have the manage the WP Activity Log plugin privileges can view the WordPress activity log, configure any of the plugin’s settings, and access all the premium functionality such as the WordPress reporting tool and configure WordPress email notifications (when using the premium edition of the plugin).

This document explains how you can restrict access to the plugin settings to your WordPress user only, or how to allow all other users with administrator role to access the plugin settings. The latter is the default setting.

Default WP Activity Log plugin privileges

In a single site WordPress installation, by default only users with administrator role can view the WordPress activity log and manage the WP Activity Log plugin settings.

In a WordPress multisite network, users with Super Admins role can view the activity log and manage the plugin settings. Site administrators can only view the activity log of the site they have admin access to (refer to the WordPress multisite activity log plugin for more details on multisite network setup).

In the plugin General settings you have the below settings  which you can use to configure the plugin privileges:

Configure the plugin settings privileges


Restrict other WordPress administrators from managing the plugin or viewing the WordPress activity log

You can restrict access to other administrators on the WordPress website so they cannot manage the WP Activity Log plugin, change it’s settings or view the WordPress activity log. To do set the option Restrict Plugin Access to Only Me. Once you save the settings all the other administrators but you will be denied access.