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An event is an entry in the WordPress security & activity log. For every change the WP Activity Log plugin keeps a log of it creates an event with the details of the change, as explained in what are events and event IDs in the WordPress activity log. In this page you can find all the events used by the WP Activity Log plugin.

WordPress changes
WooCommerce store and product changes
Yoast SEO plugin settings & SEO metabox changes
MainWP dashboard & network changes 
Gravity Forms plugin, forms & other changes
WPForms plugin, forms & other changes
bbPress plugin, forums and topics changes
WP Activity Log plugin and logs changes

WordPress changes

The list of events the WP Activity Log plugin uses in the WordPress activity log to keep a log of all the WordPress changes.

1000LowUserSuccessfully logged in
1001LowUserSuccessfully logged out
1002MediumUserFailed Login
1003LowSystemFailed login / non-WordPress user
1004MediumUserLogin blocked
1005LowUserSuccessful log in - other sessions exist for user
1006MediumUserLogged out all other sessions with same user
1007MediumUserTerminated a user session
1008MediumUserSwitched to another user
1010InformationUserUser requested a password reset.
2000InformationPostCreated a new post
2001LowPostPublished a post
2002LowPostModified a post
2008MediumPostPermanently deleted a post
2010MediumFileUploaded a file
2011LowFileDeleted a file
2012MediumPostMoved a post to trash
2014LowPostRestored a post from trash
2016LowPostChanged the category of a post
2017InformationPostChanged the URL of a post
2019InformationPostChanged the author of a post
2021MediumPostChanged the status of a post
2023MediumCategoryCreated a new category
2024MediumCategoryDeleted a category
2025LowPostChanged the visibility of a post
2027InformationPostChanged the date of a post
2042MediumWidgetAdded a new widget
2043HighWidgetModified a widget
2044MediumWidgetDeleted a widget
2045LowWidgetMoved a widget in between sections
2046HighThemeModified a file with the theme editor
2047LowPostChanged the parent of a post
2048LowPostChanged the template of a post
2049InformationPostSet a post as sticky
2050InformationPostRemoved post from Sticky
2051HighPluginModified a file with the plugin editor
2052LowCategoryChanged the parent of a category
2053LowPostCreated a custom field in a post
2054LowCustom fieldChanged the value of a custom field
2055MediumCustom fieldDeleted a custom field
2062LowCustom fieldRenamed a custom field
2065LowPostModified the content of a post
2071LowWidgetsChanged the position of a widget in a section
2073InformationPostSubmitted post for review
2074LowPostScheduled a post for publishing
2078LowMenuCreated a menu
2079LowMenuAdded item(s) to a menu
2080LowMenuRemoved item(s) from a menu
2081MediumMenuDeleted a menu
2082LowMenuChanged the settings of a menu
2083LowMenuModified the item(s) in a menu
2084LowMenuRenamed a menu
2085LowMenuChanged the order of the objects in a menu.
2086InformationPostChanged title of a post
2089LowMenuMoved an item as a sub-item in a menu
2090InformationCommentApproved a comment
2091InformationCommentUnapproved a comment
2092InformationCommentReplied to a comment
2093LowCommentEdited a comment
2094InformationCommentMarked a comment as Spam
2095LowCommentMarked a comment as not spam
2096LowCommentMoved a comment to trash
2097InformationCommentRestored a comment from the trash
2098LowCommentPermanently deleted a comment
2099InformationCommentsPosted a comment
2100InformationPostOpened a post in editor
2101InformationPostViewed a post
2106MediumPostPlugin modified a post
2111LowPostEnabled / disabled comments in a post
2112LowPostEnabled / disabled trackbacks in a post
2119InformationPostAdded tag(s) to a post
2120InformationPostRemoved tag(s) from a post
2121InformationTagCreated a new tag
2122LowTagDeleted a tag
2123InformationTagRenamed a tag
2124InformationTagChanged the slug of a tag
2125InformationTagChanged the description of a tag
2127LowCategoryRenamed a category
2128LowCategoryChanged the slug of a category
2129InformationPostUpdated the excerpt of a post
2129InformationPostAdded / changed / removed a post's excerpt.
2130InformationPostUpdated the feature image of a post
2130InformationPostAdded / changed / removed a post's featured image
2131LowCustom fieldAdded a relationship in an ACF custom field.
2132LowCustom fieldRemoved a relationship from an ACF custom field.
4000CriticalUserA new user was created
4001CriticalUserUser created a new user
4002CriticalUserChange the role of a user
4003HighUserChanged the password
4004HighUserChanged the password of a user
4005MediumUserChanged the email address
4006MediumUserChanged the email address of a user
4007HighUserDeleted a user
4008CriticalUserGranted super admin privileges to a user
4009CriticalUserRevoked super admin privileges from a user
4010MediumUserAdded a network user to a site
4011MediumUserRemoved a network user from a site
4012CriticalUserCreated a new network user
4014InformationUserOpened the profile page of a user
4015LowUserChanged a custom field value in user profile
4016LowUserCreated a custom field in a user profile
4017InformationUserChanged the first name (of a user)
4018InformationUserChanged the last name (of a user)
4019InformationUserChanged the nickname (of a user)
4020LowUserChanged the display name (of a user)
4021MediumUserModified a user profile
4025CriticalUserUser added / removed application password from own profile
4026CriticalUserUser added / removed application password from another user's profile
4027HighUserUser revoked all application passwords from own profile
4028HighUserUser revoked all application passwords from another user's profile
5000CriticalPluginInstalled a plugin
5001HighPluginActivated a plugin
5002HighPluginDeactivated a plugin
5003HighPluginUninstalled a plugin
5004LowPluginUpgraded a plugin
5005CriticalThemeInstalled a theme
5006HighThemeActivated a theme
5007HighThemeDeleted a theme
5008HighThemeNetwork activated a theme
5009MediumThemeNetwork deactivated a theme
5010LowDatabasePlugin created database table(s)
5011LowDatabasePlugin modified the structure of database table(s)
5012MediumDatabasePlugin deleted database table(s)
5013LowDatabaseTheme created database table(s)
5014LowDatabaseTheme modified the structure of table(s) in the database
5015MediumDatabaseTheme deleted database table(s)
5016HighDatabaseUnknown component created database table(s)
5017HighDatabaseUnknown component modified the structure of table(s )in the database
5018HighDatabaseUnknown component deleted database table(s)
5019MediumPostPlugin created post(s)
5025LowPostPlugin deleted post(s)
5031LowThemeUpdated a theme
6001CriticalSystem settingChanged the option anyone can register
6002CriticalSystem settingChanged the new user default role.
6003CriticalSystem settingChanged the WordPress administrator notification email address
6004MediumSystemUpdated WordPress
6005HighSystem settingChanged the WordPress permalinks
6008InformationSystem settingChanged the setting: Discourage search engines from indexing this site
6009MediumSystem settingEnabled / disabled comments on the website
6010MediumSystem settingChanged the setting: Comment author must fill out name and email
6011MediumSystem settingChanged the setting: Users must be logged in and registered to comment
6012InformationSystem settingChanged the setting: Automatically close comments after a number of days
6013InformationSystem settingChanged the value of the setting: Automatically close comments after a number of days.
6014MediumSystem settingChanged the setting: Comments must be manually approved
6015LowSystem settingChanged the setting: Author must have previously approved comments for the comments to appear
6016LowSystem settingChanged the minimum number of links that a comment must have to be held in the queue
6017InformationSystem settingModified the list of keywords for comments moderation
6018InformationSystem settingModified the list of keywords for comments blacklisting
6024CriticalSystem settingChanged the WordPress address (URL)
6025CriticalSystem settingChanged the site address (URL)
6028HighFileA file was modified
6029CriticalFileA file was added to the website
6030MediumFileA file was deleted from the website
6031InformationSystemFile cannot be scanned
6032InformationSystemFile scan limit of 1M files reached
6033InformationSystemFile integrity scan has started / stopped
6035HighSystem settingChanged the "Your homepage displays" WordPress setting
6036HighSystem settingChanged the homepage in the WordPress setting
6037HighSystem settingChanged the posts page in the WordPress settings
6040MediumSystem settingChanged the Timezone in the WordPress settings
6041MediumSystem settingChanged the Date format in the WordPress settings
6042MediumSystem settingChanged the Time format in the WordPress settings
6044HighSystem settingUser changed the WordPress automatic update settings
7000CriticalMultisite NetworkAdded a site to the network
7001HighMultisite NetworkArchived a site
7002HighMultisite NetworkUnarchived a site
7003HighMultisite NetworkActivated a site
7004HighMultisite NetworkDeactivated a site
7005HighMultisite NetworkDeleted a site
7007CriticalMultisite networkEnabled / disabled the setting "Allow site administrators to add new users to their site"
7008HighMultisite networkChanged the value of the Site upload space setting
7009MediumMultisite networkChanged the value of the file size allowed in the site upload space setting
7010CriticalMultisite networkChanged the list of allowed file types on the network
7011CriticalMultisite networkChanged the value of the maximum upload file size network setting
7012CriticalMultisite NetworkChanged the Allow new registrations setting.
6045MediumSite settingsChanged the site language.
4029InformationalUser profileSent a password reset request to a user.

WooCommerce changes

The list of events the WP Activity Log plugin uses in the WordPress activity log to keep a log of the changes in the WooCommerce store, products, orders, coupons and much more. Refer to the Activity log for WooCommerce for more information.

9000LowWooCommerce productCreated a new product
9001MediumWooCommerce productPublished a product
9002InformationWooCommerce categoryCreated a new product category
9003LowWooCommerce productChanged the category of a product
9004InformationWooCommerce productModified the short description of a product
9005LowWooCommerce productChanged the text of a product
9006LowWooCommerce productChanged the URL of a product
9007MediumWooCommerce productChanged the product type
9008InformationWooCommerce productChanged the date of a product
9009MediumWooCommerce productChanged the visibility of a product
9010MediumWooCommerce productModified a product
9012HighWooCommerce productMoved a product to trash
9013MediumWooCommerce productPermanently deleted a product
9014HighWooCommerce productRestored a product from trash
9015MediumWooCommerce productChanged the status of a product
9016MediumWooCommerce productChanged the price of a product
9017MediumWooCommerce productChanged the SKU of a product
9018LowWooCommerce productChanged the stock status of a product
9019LowWooCommerce productChanged the stock quantity of a product
9020MediumWooCommerce productChanged the type of a product
9021InformationWooCommerce productChanged the weight of a product
9022InformationWooCommerce productChanged the dimensions of a product
9023MediumWooCommerce productAdded a downloadable file to a product
9024MediumWooCommerce productRemoved a downloadable file from a product
9025InformationWooCommerce productChanged the name of a downloadable file in a product
9026MediumWooCommerce productChanged the URL of a downloadable file in a product
9027HighWooCommerce storeChanged the store's weight unit
9028HighWooCommerce storeChanged the store's dimensions unit
9029HighWooCommerce storeChanged the store's base Location
9030HighWooCommerce storeEnabled / disabled taxes
9031HighWooCommerce storeChanged the store's currency
9032HighWooCommerce storeEnabled / disabled coupons (store level)
9033HighWooCommerce storeEnabled / disabled guest checkout
9034HighWooCommerce storeEnabled / disabled the option cash on delivery
9035LowWooCommerce arderA new order was placed
9036InformationWooCommerce orderChanged the status of an order
9037MediumWooCommerce orderMoved an order to trash
9038LowWooCommerce orderRestored an order from the trash
9039LowWooCommerce orderPermanently deleted an order
9040MediumWooCommerce orderModified the order
9041HighWooCommerce orderRefunded an order
9042InformationWooCommerce productChanged the visibility of a product
9043InformationWooCommerce productChanged the setting Featured Product of a product
9044InformationWooCommerce productChanged the setting allow backorders of a product
9045MediumWooCommerce productChanged the products to upsell of a product
9046MediumWooCommerce productChanged the cross-sells of a product
9047LowWooCommerce productAdded new product attribute(s)
9048LowWooCommerce productModified the value of product attribute(s)
9049LowWooCommerce productRenamed a product attribute
9050LowWooCommerce productDeleted a product attribute
9051LowWooCommerce productChanged the visibility of a product attribute
9052MediumWooCommerce categoryDeleted a product category
9053InformationWooCommerce categoryChanged the slug of a product category
9054MediumWooCommerce categoryChanged the parent of a product category
9055InformationWooCommerce categoryChanged display type of a product category
9056LowWooCommerce categoryRenamed a product category
9057MediumWooCommerce storeCreated a new attribute
9058LowWooCommerce storeDeleted an attribute
9059LowWooCommerce storeChanged the slug of an attribute
9060LowWooCommerce storeChanged the name of an attribute
9061LowWooCommerce storeChanged the default sorting order of an attribute
9062LowWooCommerce storeEnabled/disabled the setting Enable Archives of an attribute
9063LowWooCommerce couponPublished a new coupon
9064LowWooCommerce couponChanged the discount type of a coupon
9065LowWooCommerce couponChanged the coupon amount
9066LowWooCommerce couponChanged the expire date of a coupon
9067LowWooCommerce couponChanged the setting Usage Restriction of a coupon
9068LowWooCommerce couponChanged the setting Usage Limits of a coupon
9069LowWooCommerce couponChanged the description of a coupon
9071InformationWooCommerce couponRenamed the coupon
9072InformationWooCommerce productOpened a product in editor
9073InformationWooCommerce productViewed a product
9074HighWooCommerce storeEnabled / disabled a payment gateway
9076HighWooCommerce storeModified a payment gateway
9077MediumWooCommerce productRenamed a product
9078LowWooCommerce storeChanged the setting to include / exclude tax in prices
9079LowWooCommerce storeChanged the setting on what to calculate tax on
9080MediumWooCommerce storeChanged the shipping tax class settings
9081MediumWooCommerce storeEnabled / disabled rounding the tax at sub total level
9082MediumWooCommerce storeAdded / deleted / modified a shipping zone
9083InformationUserChanged the billing address
9084InformationUserChanged the shipping address
9085HighWooCommerce storeChanged the setting cash on delivery
9086HighWooCommerce storeChanged the list of excluded countries to sell to
9087HighWooCommerce storeChanged the list of countries to sell to
9088HighWooCommerce storeChanged the setting shipping location(s)
9089HighWooCommerce storeChanged the list of specific countries to ship to
9090HighWooCommerce storeChanged the Default customer location setting
9091HighWooCommerce storeChanged the cart page
9092HighWooCommerce storeChanged the checkout page
9093HighWooCommerce storeChanged the my account page
9094HighWooCommerce storeChanged the terms and conditions page
9095LowWooCommerce productAdded or delete a product image.
9096LowWooCommerce productChanged the product image.
9097LowWooCommerce productChanged the download limit of a product.
9098LowWooCommerce productChanged the download expiry settings of a product
9099LowWooCommerce productDownloaded the product.
9100MediumWooCommerce StoreChanged the setting: Enable product reviews
9101LowWooCommerce tagCreated a tag
9102MediumWooCommerce tagDeleted a tag
9103LowWooCommerce tagRenamed a tag
9104LowWooCommerce tagChanged the slug of a tag
9105LowWooCommerce productStock quantity changed due to an order
9106LowWooCommerce productStock quantity changed automatically via a third party system
9107LowWooCommerce StoreChanged the setting: Show “verified owner” label on customer reviews
9108LowWooCommerce StoreChanged the setting: Reviews can only be left by “verified owners”
9109MediumWooCommerce StoreChanged the setting: Star rating on reviews
9110MediumWooCommerce StoreChanged the setting: Star ratings should be required
9111MediumWooCommerce StoreChanged the %endpoint_name% value in: Checkout endpoint %endpoint_name%
9112MediumWooCommerce StoreChanged the %endpoint_name% value in: Account endpoint %endpoint_name%
9113MediumWooCommerce ProductChanged the setting: Tax status in %Product Title%
9114MediumWooCommerce ProductChanged the setting: Tax class in %Product Title%

Yoast SEO plugin & SEO meta box changes

The list of events the WP Activity Log plugin uses in the WordPress activity log to keep a log of the changes users make in the posts’ SEO meta box and in the Yoast SEO plugin settings. Refer to the Activity log for WooCommerce for more information.

8801InformationYoast SEO meta boxChanged SEO title of a post
8802InformationYoast SEO meta boxChanged the meta description of a post
8803InformationYoast SEO meta boxChanged the setting to allow search engines to show post in search results
8804InformationYoast SEO meta boxEnabled / disabled the setting for search engines to follow links in a post
8805InformationYoast SEO meta boxChanged the meta robots advanced setting of a post
8806InformationYoast SEO meta boxChanged the canonical URL of a post
8807InformationYoast SEO meta boxChanged the focus keyword of a post
8808InformationYoast SEO meta boxEnabled / disabled the cornerstone setting in a post
8809InformationYoast SEOChanged the default title separator
8812InformationYoast SEOChanged the setting company or person
8813MediumYoast SEOEnabled / disabled the setting to show posts in search results
8814InformationYoast SEOChanged the meta (SEO) title template
8815MediumYoast SEOEnabled / disabled SEO analysis
8816MediumYoast SEOEnabled / disabled readability analysis
8817MediumYoast SEOEnabled / disabled cornerstone content
8818MediumYoast SEOEnabled / disabled the text link counter
8819MediumYoast SEOEnabled / disabled XML sitemaps
8820MediumYoast SEOEnabled/ disabled Ryte integration
8821MediumYoast SEOEnabled / disabled the admin bar menu
8822InformationYoast SEOChanged the meta description template
8823LowYoast SEOEnabled / disabled the setting Data in Snippet Preview
8824LowYoast SEOEnabled / disabled the Yoast SEO meta box
8825HighYoast SEOEnabled / disabled advanced setting for authors
8826LowYoast SEOEnabled / disabled the setting Redirect attachment URLs in the Media search apprearance
8827MediumYoast SEOEnabled / disabled Usage tracking in the plugin
8828MediumYoast SEOEnabled / disabled the REST API: Head endpoint in the plugin settings
8829LowYoast SEOAdded / modified / removed the Social profile
8830MediumYoast SEOEnabled / disabled the option to show specific taxonomy types in search results
8831LowYoast SEOChanged the SEO title template for a taxonomy type
8832LowYoast SEOChanged the Meta description template for a taxonomy type
8833MediumYoast SEOEnabled / disabled the Author or date archives
8834MediumYoast SEOEnabled / Disabled the setting to show Author or date archives in search results
8835LowYoast SEOChanged the SEO title template for the author or date archives
8836LowYoast SEOChanged the Meta description template for the author or date archives
8837LowYoast SEOEnabled / disabled the setting to show SEO settings for specific taxonomies
8844MediumYoast SEOChanged the setting: Add Open Graph meta data in Facebook settings
8845MediumYoast SEOChanged the Default Image in the Facebook settings
8846MediumYoast SEOChanged the setting: Add Twitter card meta data in Twitter settings
8847MediumYoast SEOChanged the setting: Add Open Graph meta data in Facebook settings
8848MediumYoast SEOChanged the Pinterest confirmation meta tag in the Pinterest settings

MainWP dashboard changes

The list of events the WP Activity Log plugin uses in the WordPress activity log to keep a log of the changes users make in the MainWP dashboard.

7700CriticalMainWP networkAdded a child site
7701HighMainWP networkRemoved a child site
7702MediumMainWP networkModified a child site
7703InformationMainWP networkSynced data with a child site
7704InformationMainWP networkSynced data with all child sites
7705CriticalMainWPInstalled an extension
7706HighMainWPActivated an extension
7707HighMainWPDeactivated an extension
7708HighMainWPUninstalled an extension
7709HighMainWPAdded / removed extension from the MainWP menu
7710InformationActivity logsFailed to retrieve the activity log from a child site
7711InformationActivity logsStarted retrieving activity logs from child site(s)
7712InformationActivity logsFinished retrieving activity logs from child site(s)
7750InformationMainWPAdded a monitor in Advanced Uptime Monitor extension
7751InformationMainWPDeleted a monitor from the Advanced Uptime Monitor extension
7752InformationMainWPStarted a monitor in the Advanced Uptime Monitor extension
7753InformationMainWPPaused a monitor in the Advanced Uptime Monitor extension
7754InformationMainWPCreated monitors for all child sites in the Advanced Uptime Monitor extension
7713MediumActivity logsChanged the enforcement configuration of the child sites activity log setting.
7714MediumActivity logsChanged the enforcement settings of the Child sites activity log settings
7715MediumActivity logsModified the Child sites activity log settings.
7716MediumActivity logsStarted or finished propagating the Child sites activity log settings.
7717MediumActivity logsThe propagation of the Child sites activity log settings failed on a child site site.

Gravity Forms changes

The list of events the WP Activity Log plugin uses in the WordPress activity log to keep a log of the changes users make in the Gravity Forms plugin, forms, entries (leads), fields, notifications and more. Refer to activity log for Gravity Forms for more information.

5700LowForms in Gravity FormsCreated, modified or deleted a form
5701MediumForms in Gravity FormsMoved a form to trach
5702MediumForms in Gravity FormsPermanently deleted a form
5703MediumForms in Gravity FormsModified a setting in a form
5704LowForms in Gravity FormsDuplicated a form
5709LowForms in Gravity FormsUser or visitor (optional) submitted a form
5715MediumFields in Gravity FormsAdded, modified or deleted a field from a form
5705MediumConfirmations in Gravity FormsCreated, modified or deleted a form's confirmation
5708LowConfirmations in Gravity FormsActivated or deactivated a form's confirmation
5706MediumNotifications in Gravity FormsCreated, modified or deleted a form's notification
5707LowNotifications in Gravity FormsActivated or deactivated a form's notification
5710LowEntries in Gravity FormsStarred / unstarred an entry
5711LowEntries in Gravity FormsRead / marked a form as read or unread
5712MediumEntries in Gravity FormsMoved an entry to trash
5713MediumEntries in Gravity FormsPermanently deleted an entry
5714MediumEntries in Gravity FormsCreated / delete a note in an entry
5716HighSettings in Gravity FormsModified a plugin setting

WPForms changes

The list of events the WP Activity Log plugin uses in the WordPress activity log to keep a log of the changes users make in the WPForms plugin, forms, entries (leads), fields, notifications and more. Refer to activity log for WPForms for more information.

5500LowForms in WPFormsCreated, modified or deleted a form
5501MediumFields in WPFormsAdded, modified or deleted a field from/to a form
5502MediumForms in WPFormsDuplicated a form
5503LowNotifications in WPFormsAdded, enabled, modified or deleted a notification from/in a form
5504MediumEntries in WPFormsDeleted an entry (lead) in WPForms
5505LowNotifications in WPFormsDisabled all the notifications in a form
5506LowForms in WPFormsRenamed a form
5507LowEntries in WPFormsEntry was modified
5508HighWPFormsAccess control settings changed.
5509HighWPFormsChanged the currency setting in the plugin
5510HighWPFormsA service integration was added / removed
5511HighWPFormsInstalled / uninstalled an addon

bbPress changes

The list of events the WP Activity Log plugin uses in the WordPress activity log to keep a log of the changes in the bbPress plugin, forums and topics.

8000InformationbbPress forumCreated a new forum
8001MediumbbPress forumChanged the status of a forum
8002MediumbbPress forumChanged the visibility of a forum
8003LowbbPress forumChanged the URL of a forum
8004InformationbbPress forumChanged the sorting order of a forum
8005HighbbPress forumMoved a forum to trash
8006HighbbPress forumPermanently deleted a forum
8007HighbbPress forumRestored a forum from trash
8008LowbbPress forumChanged the parent of a forum
8011LowbbPress forumChanged the type of a forum
8009HighbbPress settingChanged the forum user's auto role
8010CriticalbbPress settingEnabled / disabled the setting for anonymous posting
8012MediumbbPress settingChanged the time to disallow post editing in a forum
8013HighbbPress settingChanged the posting throttle time
8014InformationbbPress forumCreated a new topic
8015InformationbbPress forumChanged the status of a topic
8016InformationbbPress forumChanged the topic type
8017InformationbbPress forumChanged the URL of a topic
8018InformationbbPress forumChanged the forum of a topic
8019MediumbbPress forumMoved a topic to trash
8020MediumbbPress forumPermanently deleted a topic
8021InformationbbPress forumRestored a topic from trash
8022LowbbPress forumChanged the visibility of a topic
8023HighUserChanged the role if a user

Logs and WP Activity Log plugin changes

The list of events the WP Activity Log plugin uses in the WordPress activity log to keep a log of the changes in logs and WP Activity log plugin.

6000InformationalActivity LogsEvents automatically pruned by system
6006MediumWP Activity LogReset the plugin's settings to default
6034CriticalActivity LogsPurged the activity log
6043HighWP Activity LogSome WP Activity Log plugin settings on this site were propagated and overridden from the MainWP dashboard
6046LowWP Activity LogChanged the status of the Login Page Notification
6047LowWP Activity LogChanged the text of the Login Page Notification
6048LowWP Activity LogChanged the status of the Reverse proxy / firewall option
6049HighWP Activity LogChanged the Restrict plugin access setting
6050HighWP Activity LogThe user %user% to / from the list of users who can view the activity log
6051MediumWP Activity LogChanged the status of the Hide plugin in plugins page setting
6052HighWP Activity LogChanged the Activity log retention setting
6053LowWP Activity LogA user was added to / from the list of excluded users from the activity log
6054LowWP Activity LogA user role was added to / from the list of excluded roles from the activity log
6055LowWP Activity LogAn IP address was added to / from the list of excluded IP addresses from the activity log
6056LowWP Activity LogA post type was added to / from the list of excluded post types from the activity log
6057LowWP Activity LogA custom field was added to / from the list of excluded custom fields from the activity log
6058LowWP Activity LogA custom field was added to / from the list of excluded user profile custom fields from the activity log