How to exclude logging of custom fields changes from the WordPress activity log

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By default WP Activity Log keeps a record of both the automated and manual Custom Fields changes that happen on your WordPress. Though it is possible to exclude the logging of either a specific Custom Field or a group of Custom Fields. When you exclude a Custom Field from the WordPress activity log any changes that happen to that Custom Field will not be recorded in the WordPress audit trial.

How to exclude a specific custom field from the WordPress activity log

There are two ways that you can use to exclude a specific Custom Field. The first option is to exclude it by clicking the option Exclude Custom Field from Monitoring in the event reporting the Custom Field change. The option is highlighted in the below screenshot.

Excluding a Specific Custom Field from WP Activity Log

Alternatively you can exclude a Custom Field by navigating to the plugin’s Settings, click on the Exclude Objects tab and specify the Custom field you would like to exclude in the Exclude Custom Fields placeholder shown in the below screenshot. Click Add once you specify the name and click Save to save the plugin settings.

Excluding custom fields from the WordPress activity log

Exclude Custom Field Monitoring

If you want to exclude all sort of Custom Field changes from the WordPress Audit Trail you have to disable the activity log events that report WodPress Custom Field Changes.