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WP Activity Log 0.3 Released

A new and much improved updated version of the WordPress security monitoring plugin WP Activity Log is available for download. The new version of WP Activity Log allows WordPress administrators to monitor and keep track of global WordPress settings changes, such as the default WordPress user role, WordPress administrator email and WordPress registration options.

In a typical WordPress installation such settings are rarely changed, but malicious users typically change them to be able to launch further attacks or exploit vulnerabilities that allow them to take over a WordPress installation, hence why it is important to monitor such settings. The new WP Activity Log version 0.3 is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and also includes several new monitoring security alerts, improvements and bug fixes. Below is the changelog for version 0.3.

New WordPress Security Alerts

WP Activity Log plugin will now generate and log a security alert when any of the below actions take place on your WordPress:

  • The Anyone can Register option in WordPress settings is changed (Alert 6001)
  • The default use role in WordPress settings is changed (Alert 6002)
  • The Administrator notification email in WordPress settings is changed (Alert 6003)
  • The visibility of a blog post is changed (Alert 2025)
  • The visibility of a page is changed (Alert 2026)
  • The date of a blog post is changed (Alert 2027)
  • The date of a page is changed (Alert 2028)

WordPress Plugin Improvements

  • Links to the Audit Log Viewer and Settings in the plugin summary
  • Time of Failed Login alerts now reflects the time of last failed login attempt

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Incorrect alerts generated when author of page was changed from quick edit mode
  • Fixed: Conflict with WP Mandrill and other plugins using pluggable.php
  • Fixed: Incorrect alerts generated when plugin is installed via a zip file / upload method

Download WP Activity Log Plugin

You can download our WordPress security plugin WP Activity Log from the WordPress plugin repository and learn more about its features from the premium features page. For a list of WordPress security alerts generated by WP Activity Log plugin refer to the List of WordPress Security Audit Log Alerts.

Upgrading WP Activity Log Plugin

Once you login to your WordPress using an administrator account you will be automatically notified that an upgrade of WP Activity Log plugin is available. You can upgrade automatically by clicking the upgrade link.

If you want to manually upgrade the plugin; download the plugin from the WordPress repository, deactivate the plugin from the WordPress dashboard, delete all plugin log files and replace them with the new files. From the WordPress dashboard re-enable the plugin.

WordPress Plugin Feedback

If you have any queries, suggestions or would like to contribute (such as translations) drop us an email on or use our contact form.

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