Integration with Loggly

Loggly is a SaaS log management and analytics platform that allows you to visualize, analyze, and inspect log data from multiple sources. It offers integration with applications and infrastructures, giving you full-stack visibility across the board to accelerate troubleshooting and reduce MTTR.

Loggly Features

Loggly comes jam-packed with features; all rolled into one easy-to-use service that’s accessible over the cloud. Here are some of the features you can look forward to when subscribing to Loggly.

Interactive dashboards

Loggly features several pre-built charts, allowing you to get started quickly, designed around KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and statistics. You can also build your own custom dashboards to track the health, behavior, and trends of applications and infrastructure components.

Proactive monitoring

Loggly uses agent-free open standards to transfer data, allowing administrators to collect logs from a wide variety of systems and applications. It also features integration options with the DevOps toolchain through HTTP endpoints or its API. All of this allows you to monitor important resources and metrics to identify issues before they arise.

Access control

Loggly uses role-based access control to ensure access is managed easily and securely. Furthermore, access can be restricted according to the data source, helping you ensure that users only have access to what they need. Loggly also follows least privilege principles, and network data access is only available through secure channels.

WordPress compatible

When using WP Activity Log, you can also mirror the WordPress activity log to Loggly. This feature allows WordPress administrators to choose which activities to mirror, allowing you to maintain a large degree of control. You can also choose whether you want to keep a copy of the logs in the local database or not, helping you prevent data redundancy.

Loggly Benefits

Logs are an important part of any administrator’s toolkit that can help ensure efficient administration. Loggly takes this a step further, offering a number of additional benefits that you wouldn’t find in a standalone solution.


With Loggly being a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, not only is it always accessible but there are no maintenance and upfront costs to set it up. Furthermore, it also provides you with an always-on solution so that even if your network goes down, you can start troubleshooting issues straight away.


Regulatory compliance is one of the most important aspects any administrator has to deal with. After all, falling foul with the authorities can mean revocation of license, suspension, and in some cases, fines. To this end, Loggly is SOC Type 2 Level 2 certified. You can use it in environments that need to comply with PCI, EU, and HIPPA environments, helping you stay ahead of the curve.

MTTR reduction

Loggly includes several features that can help you reduce your Mean Time To Recovery should something go wrong. From Surround Search, a feature that lets you view events that happened just before or after an outage, to the Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer that automatically gives you a summary of the data, running root because analysis has never been easier.