New WP Activity Log Displays User Roles & Avatars

The new updated version of the popular WordPress security monitoring plugin WP Activity Log has a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes, such as reporting of user role and displaying the user avatar for each alert and more. Read this blog post for more information about the new version of the plugin.

Easily Monitor WordPress Themes and WordPress Settings Changes

Our popular WordPress security monitoring plugin WP Activity Log is finally out of BETA. In this new version 1.0 of the plugin we also introduced monitoring or WordPress themes, PHP errors, WordPress updates, WordPress permalinks and much more. Read these release notes for more detailed information about what is new and improved in this exciting release of WP Activity Log.

WP White Security releases first activity log plugin for WordPress multisite

Press Release | WP Activity Log plugin is the first and only plugin to date that allow WordPress multisite super administrators to track WordPress users and other under the hood WordPress activity on their WordPress multisite network installation to identify suspicious behavior and avoid malicious hacker attacks.

Monitor Custom Post Types with WP Activity Log

The new version of our WordPress audit and monitoring plugin WP Activity Log allows WordPress administrators to monitor the activity of posts with custom post types. For example a WordPress administrator will be alerted once a post with custom post type is created, modified, published or deleted.

Monitor WordPress Settings Changes with WP Activity Log

The new version of WordPress security & monitoring plugin WP Activity Log allows administrators and website owners to monitor several global WordPress settings that typically are not changed, but might be changed by attackers during a malicious attack, thus helping WordPress owners be one step ahead of malicious hackers.

WP White Security Release WordPress User Monitoring Plugin

Today we released the first BETA version of our WordPress security plugin WP Activity Log. Ideal for any type WordPress installation, WP Activity Log logs everything that is happening on WordPress. Use our plugin to detect under the hood hacker activity and also monitor your users’ productivity.