Keep a Log of Everything that Happens
on Your WordPress

Understand who is logged in. Manage & monitor user activity. Identify suspicious behaviour. Meet regulatory requirements like PCI, GDPR and ISO. Easily troubleshoot issues on your WordPress site.

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Key Benefits:

  • Keep a Log of Everything that Happens on Your WordPress
  • Ease WordPress Troubleshooting – No More Guess Work!
  • Identify Suspicious Behaviour & Malicious WordPress Attacks
  • Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Keep a Log of Everything that Happens on Your WordPress

Do you know who’s logged in to your WordPress website? Do you know where they are logging in from and what they’re doing once they’re logged in?

Take back control of your WordPress website with the WP Activity Log plugin. Once installed on your WordPress website or multisite network the WP Security Audit plugin starts logging all user and under the hood changes. Whether it’s a content change, a user profile, a system setting or WordPress multisite network change, the plugin keeps track of them all in the WordPress activity log. It also records who made the change, from where and when.

The plugin is very easy to use and doesn’t need any pre-configuration. Once it is installed it will automatically start keeping a record of everything that happens in the WordPress activity log.

Ease WordPress Troubleshooting – No More Guess Work!

Troubleshooting a technical problem is never easy, and without logs it is just guess work and a waste of time.

Stop wasting hours trying to reverse engineer what your clients or website users did before some page changed, or something went wrong. Install the WP Activity Log plugin so the next time there is a problem on a WordPress website you can simply look through the activity logs and find out who did what and when. Stop wasting hours and days and solve all your technical WordPress problems within just minutes.

Identify Suspicious Behaviour & Malicious WordPress Attacks

WordPress security is not a onetime fix but a continuous four step process: Harden > Monitor > Test > Improve > repeat!

The security of your website is as strong as the weakest link in the chain. So don’t overlook any of the principles. As much as it is important to harden the security of your website it is also important to have an activity log & monitoring plugin. Logging is so crucial to the security of a website that lack of logging and monitoring in web applications has been added to the OWASP Top 10 list of most critical web application security risks.

Thwart Malicious WordPress Attacks Before They Happens

From the WordPress activity log you can see when hackers scan your websites for security holes, launch a brute force attack or do any other malicious actions. Therefore the activity log allows you to learn how the attackers are trying to break into your website, giving you the chance to harden your WordPress sites and also take the necessary action to thwart their attacks.

Catch WordPress Hackers Red Handed & Limit the Damage

The earlier you identify a hack attack the easier it is to stop it, regain back control and limit the damage. The WordPress activity logs are the only valuable asset that allow you to identify that some malicious user is logged in to your site and is possibly doing authorized or damaging changes. You can also see and terminate the session with a click of a button.

Use the Logs in Forensics to Identify the Exploited Flaw

Logs do not just allow you to identify the attacks, but also trace back the hackers’ wrongdoing. Forensics are a must during a hack recovery – they allow you to identify the exploited security flaws that allowed malicious hackers into your WordPress website. Identifying the issue is critical so it can be fixed, ensuring your WordPress website won’t get hacked again.

Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements

GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA and many regulatory compliance bodies require businesses by law to keep a log of all the changes that happen on their websites. Install the WP Activity Log plugin to ensure your website is fully compliant to the strict regulatory compliance requirements your business has to adhere to and avoid getting fined.

The WP Activity Log plugin is fully customizable. You can configure it to meet your requirements, ensuring you do not over or under-log. You can also configure the WordPress activity log data retention period, what to log and store the activity log in an external data store. It’s up to you to how much you want to log and what to log.

Install WP Activity Log

Don’t settle for second best! Use the WP Activity Log plugin to keep a log of what happens on your WordPress sites.

  • Very easy to setup and use
  • The most comprehensive
  • The plugin with best coverage
  • A complete activity log solution