Activity Log for MainWP update 1.3

Today we are announcing update 1.3 of the Activity Log for MainWP plugin, the MainWP extension that enables you to see the activity logs of all the child sites from the MainWP dashboard.

This is a maintenance update. It includes a good number of improvements and bug fixes, as this post highlights.

Noteworthy updates in 1.3

  • Added a new option for the plugin to automatically fetches the activity logs from child sites upon install,
  • Included a new Purge all activity logs button to delete the activity log data in the MainWP database,
  • Added a new WP Activity Log version 4 compatibility check because in WSAL v4 we will be introducing new activity log format,
  • Addressed a compatibility issue with PHP 7.4.

We have also fixed a few bugs, making this update the most stable version. For a complete list of what is new, improved and fixed refer to the change log in the plugin’s readme.txt file.

Update now to Activity Log for MainWP 1.3

That is it for update 1.3! We have added some new settings and options, and improved quite a few things. Update your install to take advantages of the latest features and most stable code.

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