WP Activity Log 3.2.3 – Focus on easy of use & user experience

The detailed WordPress activity log is what sets the WP Activity Log plugin apart from the competition. Hence why businesses trust the plugin to keep a log of what is happening on their WordPress websites and multisite networks.

Though the same comprehensiveness and detailed activity log is also what sometimes overwhelm users. Sometimes the plugin can be difficult to understand, especially for those who are not yet familiar with WordPress activity logs and security.

So in this update of the plugin we focused on making the plugin easier to use and improve the user experience. Version 3.2.3 of the WP Activity Log plugin is the first of a number of updates which will focus on improving the user experience. Here is a highlight of what is new and improved in this version.

WordPress activity log plugin startup wizard

When you install the the WP Activity Log plugin you will be greeted with a wizard. It will run you through a few things that you should consider configuring, such as WordPress activity log retention, privileges and more. The wizard will allow you to configure:

The WP Activity Log plugin setup wizard

WordPress activity log detail levels

The WP Activity Log plugin has the most extensive WordPress activity log in terms of details and coverage. Though we understand that not every WordPress website owner is interested in knowing that a post custom field automatically modified. So we introduced two WordPress activity log detail levels; Basic and Geek.

The Basic level is for those who want to keep a log of generic user activity such as logins, logouts and posts modifications but not of under the hood changes such as custom field changes. In the Geek log level detail the plugin will keep a log of everything it can.

Read the Configuring the WordPress activity log detail level for more information and refer to the complete list of WordPress activity log events for more details on which events are included in which detail level.

New WordPress activity log search filters

As part of our plugin user experience improvements we have added several new search filters to the WordPress activity log. Also, we made the search filters to a more intuitive location, on top of the activity log columns.

Intuitive WordPress activity log filters

Now users can easily use any filter to fine tune their search results. Filters and search terms can also be saved for later use. Refer to the How to search in the WordPress activity log for more details.

New plugin settings pages and help text

We have rearranged and rewritten all the text of all our settings pages. We have also added much more help text and where possible linked the help text to the relevant information in the plugin’s knowledge base.

Easy to understand plugin settings

By explaining in detail all the technical terms the settings can now be easily understood by WordPress user of all levels.

Performance improvement in plugin’s sensors

We have also continued our work on improving the plugin’s performance. In this update we have applied several improvements to the plugin’s sensors logic.

The plugin has a sensor for different type of changes. For example to keep a log of all content changes, the plugin has a dedicated sensor for content. In previous versions, all sensors were being loaded with every user action.

In this update only the sensors that log changes that can be done from the page the user is accessing are loaded, hence the plugin will run faster and consume less resources.

Other plugin updates and improvements

There have been several other updates and enhancements in this version update. For a complete and detailed list of what is new, improved and fixed in this update refer to the WP Activity Log plugin change log.

Keep a watchful eye on your WordPress

Download the free WordPress activity log plugin or upgrade to premium to keep a watchful eye on your WordPress websites and multisite networks.

Keep tabs of users & other activity on your WordPress site

Ensure user accountability, ease troubleshooting, get instantly notified of critical changes, generate user activity reports, & improve the security posture of your WordPress website.

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