WP Activity Log 3.1.7 – New data inspector and external database buffer

We are happy to announce another big WP Activity Log plugin update this month! Here are the highlights of this update:

New Data Inspector for the WordPress activity log

When the WP Activity Log plugin keeps a log of a change, it records a lot of technical details, though most of them are not reported in the WordPress activity log. For example when a user makes a change in a blog post the plugin records the post type, ID, user session and more.

To view all these details you can use the all new Data Inspector, which we introduced with this version update. In previous versions of the plugin we had a less informative Data Inspector and was not enabled by default.

WordPress activity log data inspector

Buffer for Alerts when using an external database

When using the WP Activity Log plugin you can store the WordPress activity log in an external database. Though what happens if the external database is not available?

We have developed a buffer so when the external database is not available the website operations are not stopped. Instead the plugin will keep a buffer of the WordPress activity log in the WordPress database. Once the external database is available again the plugin will automatically migrate the alerts from the buffer to the external database.

All of these operations are done automatically and do not require any user interaction, though certainly worth a mention, especially if one of your requirements is high availability!

Other notable highlights for this version update

In this version update we have also:

  • Converted the HTML WordPress reports template to responsive,
  • Improved the support for Ultimate Member Pro and WooCommerce,
  • And much more!

For a complete list of what is new, improved and fixed in this version of the WP Activity Log plugin refer to the plugin change log.

Questions? Just ask!

If you have any questions about the WP Activity Log plugin please do not hesitate to get in touch. If you use the plugin and do not have any questions we would appreciate if you can spare a moment to rate it!

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