Announcing WP Activity Log 4.5.0

WP Activity Log update available

It is with great pleasure that we announce the latest release of WP Activity Log. The latest plugin version, 4.5.0, includes several essential changes and improvements. These changes aim to increase the stability of the plugin while increasing its efficiency for a smoother all-around experience.

Here are some of the biggest changes to look forward to in this update:

Core code refactoring

The developers have been hard at work refactoring the plugin’s code – increasing speed and efficiency inside and out. While this does not necessarily equate to any visible changes, it improves stability and ensures the plugin can continue to receive updates well into the future.

The code refactoring update is quite large, and as such, has been split over a number of updates. This is the first such update, with two more in the pipeline.

We have also added a number of small updates to improve the overall stability and compatibility of the plugin within different environments. One notable update in this regard is better compatibility with PHP version 8.

UI and UX improvements

We have also made a number of UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) improvements to the reports module. While there are no big changes, the look and feel of the reports module is now much smoother.

Speaking of reports, we have also added a link in report emails to the Saved Reports tab, allowing for easy access to all generated reports.

Other notable improvements

This update includes more improvements than you can shake a stick at, making for an essential update that all customers will surely benefit from. Here are some of the more notable ones to keep an eye open for:

  • Event ID 2002 is now reported when a user changes something in a post for which the plugin does not have a specific event ID
  • Improved the way database table changes are detected by the plugin, with all event IDs used for database changes now being enabled by default
  • Improved support for RTL setups in the activity log viewer
  • The Filters and Save Changes buttons in the top bar always float at the top when enabling/disabling events

Bug fixes

This version also includes a number of bug fixes, including edge-case issues with certain event IDs, an intermittent error when logging in from custom login pages, and a number of others.

For a full list of what’s new and improved, refer to the plugin changelog.

Are you new to WP Activity Log? Take the latest version of WP Activity Log out for a 14-day test drive on us. No credit card is required, making it entirely risk-free!

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