Announcing WP Activity Log 4.4.3

WP Activity Log update availableA few days ago, we released updates for all WP Activity Log extensions in anticipation of a major WP Activity Log update coming our way. Today marks the release of the highly-anticipated update, and it’s packing a serious punch that increases the efficiency and user experience of WP Activity Log by leaps and bounds.

What’s new

We’ve worked long and hard on this release, which comes packed with tons of new functionality, improvements, and fixes. Additionally, we recently released a brand-new WP Activity Log extension for MemberPress – so do check it out if you’re using this plugin.

We now turn our attention to the new features of 4.4.3.

One of the plugin’s most appreciated features is the ability to write the activity log to an external system. With several options supported, this feature can help you ensure better resource management and continuity. You can now configure Syslog connections to use TLS while writing to a log file can now be done directly without going through the Action Scheduler.

The Users Session Management module also received some TLC and now includes some productivity-enhancing improvements that can help you get more done faster.

Individual user sessions can now be selected and terminated. This latest version also allows administrators to set session policies for super admins in a multi-site environment. This, coupled with several UI and UX improvements, will surely make session management a breeze.

We have also added a new event ID, which allows you to track whenever an event has been enabled or disabled. An activity log for the activity log, if you will. Nice!

What’s improved

This version also includes several improvements to increase efficiency, security, and user experience.

We have made improvements to the logic of the login sensor for better custom login page support. In addition, we have improved the internal logging class and system, resulting in better efficiency and performance.

Of course, these are only some of the improvements we have made. This release also includes several bug fixes and many new features, all of which are listed in the WP Activity Log change log.

New to WP Activity Log? Take this new release for a spin on us. The WP Activity Log 14-day free trial gives you access to all features without committing. No credit card details are required. Get started today.

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