WP Activity Log 4.3.3: Enterprise-grade features & more in latest release

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We are happy to announce the release of update 4.3.3 for WP Activity Log. This update adds new enterprise-grade features that are primarily aimed at customers running agencies and customers with many WordPress websites. Other new features included in this release focus on compliance and REST coverage.

All of this, along with other exciting improvements make this a notable release we are proud to announce.

Below is a highlight of the new features and improvements.

Settings configuration import and export

This new feature lets you easily import and export WP Activity Log’s configuration settings at the click of a button.

This useful feature, which has been designed with ease of use in mind, can be used to backup your plugin’s configuration settings. It can also be used by agencies and businesses who want to standardize their WP Activity Log’s configuration across a number of websites easily.

Delete specific data from the activity log

This feature allows site admins to delete log data that originates from a specific user, IP address, or other criteria from the log.

This feature can be used to comply with users’ requests to delete all data about them in compliance with acts such as GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California, US. It can also come in handy in other situations such as deletion of noise created by a particular event or change.

Coverage for REST API requests

WP Activity Log now keeps a log of changes done via REST API by authenticated users .

With REST (REpresentational State Transfer) API continuing to gain popularity in automating and integrating software applications, there is no doubt that many will find this feature useful as we continue to expand the plugin’s coverage to make sure it meets the demands of today’s WordPress websites.

Other noteworthy improvements in this update

On top of the above, we have also included the following improvements in this version update or our activity log plugin for WordPress:

  • A number of new event IDs to keep log of settings, integrations and notifications changes in WP Activity log plugin
  • The ability to terminate the users’ sessions that match a particular search criteria
  • The hover over prompt for users in the activity log viewer now displays more information about the users
  • Improved coverage of changes done via the Members plugin (plugin by MemberPress)
  • New hook (wsal_event_data_before_mirror) that allows you to filter what activity log data is sent before it is mirrored

For a complete list of what is new, improved and fixed in this exciting update refer to the WP Activity Log plugin change log.

Update to the latest version of WP Activity Log today

There is no denying that this update brings some big changes to the table. Updating to the latest version will not only get you all of these great updates, but ensure you’re running the most reliable and performing version of the plugin to date.

If you are not using the plugin and you would like to try it, get the free 14-day trial today.

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