WP Activity Log 4.3.2: New external database module, plugin logging, and other exciting features

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We’re happy to announce WP Activity Log’s latest update, version 4.3.2. Following our previous update, which was released back in May, we have sought to address bugs and issues while elevating your experience working with WP Activity Log. To this end, we are introducing valuable features to make your life easier and your WordPress website more robust.

Updates worth shouting about

While all updates and fixes bring something to the table, here are some of the updates that are truly worth shouting about.

A brand new external database module

The external database module is something many WordPress administrators use to store activity logs in another database. The previous module had some issues when migrating activity log events from the WordPress database to the new external database. This mainly happened during setup after upgrading to WP Activity Log’s premium plan. While workarounds were possible, the new database module included in this release makes data migration a breeze, including scenarios where an external database is used.

The new module offers better performance and reliability and also includes explicit support for Microsoft Azure MySQL databases. It also has a new UI, which translates to a superior user experience.

WP Activity Log logging

One of the most requested features has been for WP Activity Log to log its own activity. We have now included this functionality in the new release.

You can easily access events from the Enable/Disable Events menu under the WordPress & System > Activity Log plugin tab. Below is a list of the new event IDs:

  • ID 6046: enabled/disabled the Login Page Notification.
  • ID 6047: changed the text of the Login Page Notification.
  • ID 6048: changed the status of the Reverse proxy/firewall option.
  • ID 6049: changed the Restriction Access setting.
  • ID 6050: changed the list of users that can view the activity log.
  • ID 6051: enabled/disabled the Hide plugin in plugins page setting.
  • ID 6052: changed the activity log retention policies.
  • ID 6053: excluded/included back a user in the activity log.
  • ID 6054: excluded/included back a user role in the activity log.
  • ID 6055: excluded/included back an IP address in the activity log.
  • ID 6056: excluded/included back a post type in the activity log.
  • ID 6057: excluded/included back a custom field in the activity log.
  • ID 6058: excluded/included back a user profile custom field in the activity log.

For a complete list of all the changes the plugin can keep a log of, kindly refer to the WordPress activity log event IDs.

Other noteworthy updates

Here are some other noteworthy highlights you can look forward to when installing the latest version of WP Activity Log.

Full support for PHP 8: The plugin now enjoys full support for PHP version 8.

New report filtering criteria: Previously, reports had the option of either including all or specifying what to include. We have now added a third option to include all but – which works similarly to exclude.

Better vendor support: An issue with reports where they failed to download correctly from WordPress sites hosted at particular vendors has been ironed out and will now work as expected.

Code optimization: Obsolete code that was no longer in use was removed from the free edition of the plugin.

Kindly refer to the plugin changelog for a complete list of everything new, fixed, and improved in this latest version of WP Activity Log.

New update, new experiences

This new update sees some significant improvements in functionality, user experience, and reliability while ensuring compatibility with the latest technologies.

We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed working on it. As we continue to strive to develop high-quality plugins, our team remains available should you have any issues or concerns.

To take advantage of the best WP Activity Log yet, download the latest version today.

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