WP Activity Log 4.3.0: Introducing the improved mirroring module and new integration tools

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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest WP Activity Log plugin update 4.3.0.

The highlight of this update is the much improved mirroring feature that allows you to mirror the WordPress activity log to centralized logging solution and services such as Amazon Cloudwatch and Slack.

We’ve also updated the format, text and severity of the events following the RFC standards. So without wasting any more time, let’s dive right in to see what is new and improved in this exciting update.

The upgraded activity log mirroring module

With the WP Activity Log plugin you can mirror the activity log to a number of third party services, thus allowing you to have the websites’ logs in your central logging solution, and also ensuring that when something happens to the main activity log server, no data is lost, and it is still accessible.

WP Activity Log third party services integrations

Here’s the updated list of supported logging solutions:

It sounds impossible for admins to individually check every log on every website in their environment. By improving the mirroring module and the support for more third party integrations, admins can easily monitor their environments and track key website changes. Log centralization can also help enable quicker anomaly detection, even as your infrastructure grows.

With centralized log management tools, WP Activity Log can help admins catch potential errors and suspicious traffic patterns by providing real-time visibility.

For more information on mirroring of activity logs and benefits refer to Mirroring the Activity Log – Everything you need to know.

Updated format, text and severity of activity log events following the RFC standards

We have also updated the format, text and severity of the events. Now we are following the RFC standards, which makes it very easy to parse and read the data with third party solutions. For example, directly importing the logs to Splunk.

Update now for a better WP Activity Log

Use WP Activity Log to easily export the WordPress activity logs to Papertrail, Amazon Cloudwatch or any other logging & collaboration solution and make them available to your network operations center team and everyone else who needs access without having to allow them access to your WordPress site.

Considering this big update we have also introduced a new Enterprise subscription plan and adapted the current plans, to best accommodate users’ growing needs.

Learn more about the new pricing model and plans for WP Activity Log!

Keep tabs of users & other activity on your WordPress site

Ensure user accountability, ease troubleshooting, get instantly notified of critical changes, generate user activity reports, & improve the security posture of your WordPress website.

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