WP Activity Log 4.1.5: Support for new MainWP extension features & other updates

Today we are excited to announce the release of three plugin updates:

We have to release these three updates at the same time because of a number of new features and changes that we have done in all plugins. So to use the features mentioned in this post, you have to use the latest version of each plugin. If you do not update the plugins they will still work, but you can’t use the latest features.

Let’s dive right in for a highlight of what is new, improved and changed in this update of the most comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin.

Support for configuration of activity log settings on child sites from the MainWP dashboard

The main highlight of this update is support for the new MainWP extension feature that allows MainWP users to configure the child sites’ activity log plugin settings from one central location, the MainWP dashboard.

Child sites Activity Log settings

With this new feature agencies and other MainWP users can easily standardize the environments and setups, thus saving ample time and money. Basically, users now have the ability to change various settings on the activity log plugins installed on the MainWP child sites with a single click.

To learn more about the new features, head to our latest Activity Log for MainWP announcement.

Activity logs and 404 errors

Also, in this update we have a sort of breaking change. The WP Activity Log plugin will no longer keep a log of requests to non-existing resources, or as they are better known, 404 errors.

We stopped logging these requests for two reasons:

  1. Performance: by not having to hook in early into WordPress to keep a log of 404 errors, the plugin is now much faster and simpler to maintain. Also, it has almost negligible effect on the front end of a website.
  2. Efficiency: there are many other more efficient ways of keeping a log of these errors. For example, the web server already keeps a record of such errors in the log files. Also, there are a number of plugins that are designed to specifically keep a log of 404 errors. Thus they have much more features that you might need for such a task.

If you would like to still keep a log of 404 errors, please read the article how keep a log of 404 errors on your WordPress site.

Other noteworthy updates

Like with every other update, we have also included a number of other updates and bug fixes that are worth mentioning:

  • We fixed two SQL injections responsibly reported by WP Deeply (we have an interview with Slavco from WP Deeply coming out soon)
  • Plugin now keeps a log of changes to multisite network registration settings with event ID 7012
  • Improved the activity log coverage in general, especially in the logins and logouts sensor

For more detailed information of what is new and improved in this update refer to the WP Activity Log changelog.

Update now to 4.1.5 (and if you are using MainWP install the latest extension)

This is a very important update that makes managing your child websites through the MainWP dashboard a breeze. However, it also includes a security update, several other maintenance fixes and better support for the Activity Log for WooCommerce extension.

That’s why you should install this update, so you can also benefit from the best performing and most reliable code.

As always, we are open for user feedback. Please use our contact form to get in touch with us should you have any feedback, questions or need help with any of our plugins.

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