Exclude WordPress users & roles from the WordPress activity log

We are happy to announce that the new version 1.5.0 of WP Activity Log is released and available for download. This new version includes two new features:

Exclude WordPress Users and Roles from User Monitoring

From this version of WP Activity Log you can exclude WordPress users or roles from monitoring. To exclude users it is very simple; navigate to the plugin’s settings and in the Excluded Objects tab specify the users or/and roles you would like to exclude from monitoring, as shown in the below screenshot.

Exclude WordPress Usres and Roles from WordPress Monitoring

Once you exclude a user or role, any change the excluded user does will not be logged in the WordPress activity log. We are not exactly fans of excluding objects, ideally everything should be logged. Though the option is still there for anyone who might need it.

Exclude Specific Custom Fields from WordPress Monitoring

By default WP Activity Log keeps track and logs all of the custom fields changes in blog posts, WordPress pages and also in custom post types. Although this is a very handy feature for many, some plugins update custom fields each time a visitor accesses a post, hence the WordPress activity log is polluted with the same alerts.

From this version onwards you can now exclude the monitoring of specific custom fields. There are two ways how to exclude custom fields from WordPress monitoring:

Manually Exclude Custom Fields in the Plugin’s Settings

Similar as to excluding a user or role, click on Excluded Objects in the plugin’s settings and specify the custom fields you would like to exclude.

Exclude custom fields from WordPress monitoring

Exclude Custom Fields From Audit Log Viewer

You can also exclude a custom field from being monitored by WP Activity Log plugin from the WordPress security alert itself, in the Audit Log viewer. As seen in the below screenshot, in a custom field WordPress security alert you have the option to exclude the custom fields from monitoring. Just click the link and it will be excluded.

Exclude custom field from being monitored from the Audit Log viewer

Once a custom field is excluded from monitoring, any changes applied to that custom field will no longer be logged in the WordPress security activity log.

New Plugin Settings Table

In version 1.5 of WP Activity Log we also introduced a new table in the WordPress database called wp_wsal_options (wp_ is the WordPress database prefix. If you changed your WordPress database prefix it will be the same as your database prefix). This table will be used to store all of the plugin’s settings.

The plugin’s functionality is growing and with time we are introducing more options hence it makes more sense to centralize all of the plugin’s options in one central table.

More Updates in WP Activity Log

This version of the plugin also includes some minor improvements. Refer to the WP Activity Log changelog for more details on this new version.

Download WP Activity Log Plugin

Download WP Activity Log and start monitoring your WordPress and WordPress multisite today. If you have any questions, feedback or need support please get in touch with us by sending us an email on info@wpwhitesecurity.com. We also recommend you to subscribe to our WP White Security Plugins newsletter to get notified via emails when new updates, plugins and security tips are available.

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