WordPress Failed Logins Monitoring Improved in WP Activity Log 1.4

We are happy to announce the new version 1.4 of WP Activity Log WordPress users monitoring and activity log plugin. The main highlight of this version is the improved and more detailed monitoring of WordPress failed logins. In this post you can find what is new and improved in version 1.4 of WP Activity Log plugin.

Accurate Monitoring of Failed WordPress Logins

By monitoring WordPress failed logins you can take the necessary evasive action at an early stage thus avoiding any of your WordPress users being hacked. In version 1.4 of WP Activity Log the plugin reports for which WordPress username there are failed logins, thus allowing you to know which WordPress username might be under attack as shown in the below screenshot.

WordPress failed login Alert

If there is a failed login for a non-existing WordPress username Alert 1003 is generated as shown in the below screenshot.

WordPress failed login Alert - Non Existing Username


Refer to the complete list of WordPress security alerts for more information about each alert.

Email Alerts for Failed WordPress Administrator Logins

You  can use the Email Notifications premium add-on to configure email alerts for when there are failed logins for the WordPress administrator, or any other user for that matter. As seen in the below screenshot I configured a new trigger to send me an email notification each time Alert 1002 (failed login) is generated and the user has an administrator role.

Other Plugin Improvements for Version 1.4

New Translation – Romanian

WP Activity Log is now available in Romanian thanks to Artmotion secure services.

IP Address Validation Checks

We also improved the IP validation checks. From now onwards if the IP address validation check fails the plugin reports “incorrect format” rather than “unkown”. This functionality will help us troubleshooting IP address retrieval issues.

Alert Pruning Options Configured Upon Plugin Activation

The WordPress security alerts pruning options are now configured in the WordPress database upon activation. Previously they were only being saved once the user saves the setting page, hence creating some problems.

Plugin Removes Database Tables Upon Uninstallation

We included a new option in the plugin settings so when enabled the WordPress database tables the plugin creates are deleted upon uninstallation.

For more details about what is new, changed and fixed refer to the WP Activity Log change log.

Download WP Activity Log Plugin

Download WP Activity Log and start monitoring your WordPress and WordPress multisite today. If you have any questions, feedback or need support please get in touch with us by sending us an email on info@wpwhitesecurity.com. We also recommend you to subscribe to our WP White Security Plugins newsletter to get notified via emails when new updates, plugins and security tips are available.

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