WP White Security releases first activity log plugin for WordPress multisite

With this new release, WP Activity Log WordPress plugin reaffirms its position as the plugin of choice for monitoring and keeping an audit of WordPress users and all other under the hood WordPress activity. WordPress and WordPress multisite super administrators and administrators can keep an eye on all the WordPress security alerts raised by the plugin from the Audit Log viewer and avoid any possible malicious hacker attacks.

London UK, 14 January 2014 WP White Security, a firm at the forefront of professional WordPress security services, consultancy and WordPress security plugins development, today announced that the latest version of their popular WP Activity Log plugin released today can track user and other activity on WordPress Multisite installations.

The new version of WP Activity Log allows WordPress Multisite super administrators to monitor all activity of all the sites on the network while administrators can monitor the activity of the site they administer on the network. For more information about the WP Activity Log features on a WordPress Multisite installation read WP Activity Log Multisite Features.

 “Most of the available WordPress security plugins are reactive rather than proactive, they help you close down WordPress but they do not alert you of any possible ongoing attacks. WP Activity Log monitors all that is happening on WordPress and WordPress Multisite installations therefore administrators are alerted of any suspicious behaviour,” said Robert Abela, WordPress Security Professional at WP White Security. “By being alerted upfront, WordPress administrators can take the necessary actions to block the attack before it happens,” continued Abela.

Monitoring of WordPress users and under the hood activity is a really important task every WordPress administrator should do to ensure the security of his or her WordPress blog or website installation, especially in a WordPress Multisite installation where hundreds, if not thousands of users are constantly logging in and out, modifying content and uploading files.

New Features in WP Activity Log Plugin

Monitor a WorPress Multisite Installation

Get alerted each time a new site is created, when an existing site is archived or deleted on a WordPress Multisite installation. For a complete list of WordPress Multisite security alerts generated by WP Activity Log plugin refer to the list of WordPress Multisite security alerts.

Monitor User Privileges on the WordPress Multisite Network

WP Activity Log WordPress plugin will issue an alert each time a new user is created on the WordPress Multisite installation, or when a user is granted or revoked access from a site on the network. A security alert will also be issued if a network user is granted or revoked super administrator privileges on the multisite network.

Segregated Audit Logs per Site on the WordPress Multisite Network

While the WordPress multisite super administrators can access all the WordPress security alerts of all sites on the network, a single site’s administrator can see the alerts of the site he or she administers.

Filtering of Alerts per Site in the Audit Log Viewer for WordPress Super Administrators

WordPress multisite super admins can view all the WordPress security alerts from all sites on the multisite network in the Audit Log viewer. Alternatively super administrators can use filters to see WordPress security alerts of a specific site.

Monitor your WordPress and WordPress Multisite with WP Activity Log Plugin

Download WP Activity Log WordPress security plugin to monitor your WordPress blogs and websites today and uncover any suspicious behavior before it becomes a security problem.

About WP White Security

WP White Security is an EU based company that specializes in professional WordPress security services and consultancy. WP White Security also develops WP Activity Log, a popular WordPress security plugin that enables WordPress administrators to monitor all activity of their WordPress and WordPress Multisite installations.

For more information visit https://wpactivitylog.com

Media Contact: media@wpactivitylog.com

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