WP Activity Log Version 0.2

Better WordPress Monitoring & Security

A new update of the WordPress security plugin WP Activity Log plugin is available. It has been almost three months since the first release, but the long wait was well worth. The new version of WP Activity Log plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress 3.6 and also includes a truckload of new features, several performance improvements and of course, a truck load of bug fixes!

New Features & Updates in WP Activity Log v 0.2

  • Support / Fully compatible with WordPress 3.6
  • Restricted plugin options and WordPress Audit Log Event Viewer only to WordPress administrators
  • Improved failed logins events (events generated from the same IP, or same username will be grouped to avoid mass flooding of security events)
  • Security Events pruning now uses wp-cron functionality (improved stability and reliability of events pruning)
  • Applied several performance improvements (faster loading of events etc)
  • Added support for permalinks; now events will include page or blog post URL rather than ID
  • New alerts for when a page or blog post status is changed from draft, pending review or published
  • New alert for when a page or blog post URL or author is changed
  • New alert for when a blog post category is changed
  • New alerts for when a user creates or deletes a category
  • New alert for when the author of a blog post or page is changed
  • New plugin alerts for when a plugin is installed, uninstalled or upgraded
  • Updated navigation menu to use standard WordPress dashboard icons etc

Upgrade Notice

Since we have added several new features in the plugin the database structure had to be changed. Therefore upon upgrading the plugin all the events generated by version 0.1 of this plugin will be purged. This is just a small price to pay for the upgrade. The upgrade is definitely worth!

Downloading WP Activity Log Plugin

You can download our WordPress security plugin WP Activity Log from the WordPress repository. For more information about the plugin, visit the plugin website and for a list of WordPress security events generated by this plugin, refer to the List of WordPress Security Audit Log Alerts. If you have any queries, suggestions or would like to contribute (such as translations) drop us an email on info@wpwhitesecurity.com or use our contact form.

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