WP Activity Log Supports Reverse Proxies and WordPress Firewalls

We just released a new update for WP Activity Log, the most popular WordPress user monitoring plugin. The new update includes a new functionality that allows the plugin to retrieve the user’s originating IP address even if WordPress is running behind a reverse proxy or a web application firewall. Read this post for more details on the new update.

Plugin Automatically Retrieves Originating WordPress User IP Address

WP Activity Log is being used by a good number of large organizations, whom typically have their WordPress website installed behind a reverse proxy, a web application firewall or even behind load balancers. In this update we included a new option that if enabled, WP Activity Log plugin will automatically retrieve and record the originating IP address of the WordPress user. WP Activity Log is retrieving the IP address from a number of HTTP headers as explained in How WP Activity Log Retrieves Originating WordPress User IP Address.

Removed the Sandbox from WP Activity Log

Earlier on this year we introduced the Sandbox in WP Activity Log. The scope of the sandbox was to allow WordPress developers directly interact with the WordPress database and also execute code for troubleshooting purposes. Considering how powerful the sandbox is and how it can be misused we removed it from the plugin completely. Should you wish to use the sandbox contact us so we can provide you with the extension.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes in WP Activity Log 1.3.2

In this version of WP Activity Log we also addressed some bugs. Refer to the WP Activity Log change log on the WordPress repository for more detailed information on what is new in this version.

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