WordPress Activity Log Plugins Comparison

We are frequently asked what makes the WP Activity Log better than the competition on how it compares. In a nutshell, this is what differentiates the WP Security Audit plugin from the competition.

Comprehensive activity log – WP Activity Log does not just tell you that a post, user or something was changed. Its comprehensive logs tell you exactly what changed in that object.

Plugin Support – Our average response time is of 6 hours. We provide support via forums, email and phone to both premium & free plugin users.

Long Term Vision – We managed web farms & secured web applications for more than a decade! We use our first hand experience and knowledge to develop the right plugin to help WordPress administrators better manage their WordPress sites and multsite networks.

A Complete activity log solution – Some might have a feature from our premium plugin available for free, but none are as comprehensive and complete as WP Activity Log.

Business Sustainability – Free projects are not sustainable. WP Activity Log is what we do. We continuously invest to improves the plugin and support is always readily available.

Plugin comparison

WordPress Activity Log Plugins Features Comparison

 WP Activity LogActivity LogWP StreamSimple History
Comprehensive activity logsBasicBasicBasic
Website files integrity checks
Individual events control
Users sessions management
Terminate inactive sessions
SMS Notifications
Email NotificationsLimitedLimited
Search & FiltersText search only
WooCommerce SupportLimitedLimited
Activity Log DB Management
Third Party Services Integration
Custom Events
Plugin Configuration OptionsLimitedLimited
Multisite SupportLimitedLimitedLimited
WAF & proxy support
SupportForums onlyForums onlyForums only
Average support response time6 hoursWeeksWeeksDays
Plugin UpdatesMonthlyVery infrequentVery infrequentInfrequent

Don’t settle for second best, choose WP Activity Log

You need to know the details of every change that happened on your WordPress website to stay on top of the game and ensure the security of your websites and multisite networks. Only the WP Activity Log plugin reports all the details and have a complete WordPress activity log solution.

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