The #1 user-rated activity log plugin for WorPress

Keep a record of everything that happens on your sites and multisite networks in a WordPress activity log.

  • Ease troubleshooting
  • Monitor & improve user productivity & accountability
  • Identify suspicious activity before it becomes malicious
  • Get instantly alerted instantly of critical changes
  • Generate users & site activity periodic reports
  • Integrate your WordPress activity logs with Slack, Splunk & other solutions

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More than 100,000 businesses rely on WP Activity Log to keep a WordPress activity log on their WordPress websites and multisite networks. Don’t settle for second best – choose what the best use!

Comprehensive Log

The plugin does not just report an object change, but also what was changed.

Best Coverage

The plugin that keeps a log of most WordPress changes on your website.

Complete Solution

Also has reports, email notifications, users management & integration tools.

World Class Support

The most highly rated activity log plugin. All users praise our support service.

Keep an eye on what is happening under the hood of your WordPress site

What do WordPress experts say about the WP Activity Log plugin?

Most detailed activity log of them all

Ivica Delic (@ivicad)

I’ve been using this plugin for a few weeks and I’m really thrilled with its features and level of details it offers to me. If you need to know exactly and all what happened on your site – this is a perfect tool for you!

Very powerful audit tool which increases security of your site (you can catch all the suspicious activities immediately, with the built in alert system).

An essential website security tool

hackrepair (@hackrepair)

WP Activity Log is one of the few plugins & plugin authors I fully trust within the WordPress plugins community. If you are “into security” this plugin is the number one of its kind available for WordPress today.

The features are right on target in regard to what might need to fully monitor the activity with a WordPress website. The premium features are truly premium. And the author truly cares in regard to making his plugin better.

Get started – keep a log of everything that happens on your WordPress