Why You Should Use
WP Activity Log

The Most Comprehensive WordPress Activity Log

It is all in the detail! When a user change something in a post you need to know what they have changed in the post and not just that the post has been changed. A Post has been updated in the log leaves a lot to be desired for – what has changed though?

The WP Activity Log keeps a log of every little detail in the log. It reports if the URL, category, date, status, visibility, author or anything else is changed in a post.

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If the content of a post is changed you can also see the content changes.

For every change in the log the WP Activity Log plugin also reports the user who did the change, when the change happened with millisecond precision, and the IP address from where the change originated.

Best Coverage of WordPress Changes

You cannot know that something happened on your WordPress if the plugin does not keep a log of it. This might sound like common sense, but it isn’t. In fact most other WordPress activity log plugins do not have a broad coverage.

WP Activity Log is designed with security in mind, therefore there is a focus on coverage. In fact it is the WordPress activity plugin with the broadest coverage and keeps a log of changes such as:

  • Content (posts, pages, posts with custom post types)
  • Comments
  • WordPress users profiles & activities
  • Plugins & Themes
  • Menus & Widgets
  • File uploads, deletion and file Changes
  • WordPress settings & multisite networks
  • WordPress Database
  • Popular WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce and Yoast SEO

Refer to the complete list of changes the WP Activity Log can keep a log of and to the list of third party plugins we support for a better idea of the plugin’s extensive coverage.

It is Easy to Setup and Use

The WP Activity Log plugin is an admin free solution. There is no learning curve. Once installed it automatically keeps a log of everything that happens on your WordPress websites and multisite networks. Though do not confuse simplicity with the plugin’s coverage and feature set.

It is a Complete WordPress Monitoring & Security Audit Log Solution

The WP Activity Log plugin is not just another activity log plugin. It is a complete WordPress monitoring and security activity log solution with which you can build a WordPress Intrusion detection system (IDS). It has:

  • Fully customizable SMS & email notification system so you are instantly alerted of important and critical changes on your WordPress site without having to login.
  • Text based search & filters with which you can search for a specific change in the activity log and filters to fine tune your search results.
  • A reports utility to create any type of user and site activity report. You can also configure daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly statistics reports that are sent to you by email.

WordPress Multisite Support

The bigger your WordPress multisite network is the more important it is to keep a log of what is happening on your websites. The WP Activity Log plugin supports WordPress multisite networks out-of-the-box.

Apart from keeping a log of what is happening on all sites on the network, it also keeps a log of network changes, such as when new websites are added, users are added to child sites and more.

World-Class Plugin Support

Would you install a software on your business website which is someone’s hobby, with limited support no frequent updates? We’re sure your answer is a definite no.

We provide world-class support to all the free and premium edition users. Support is available via forums, email, online chat, phone and screen sharing sessions when necessary.

Our average response time is less than 6 hours and show stopping issues are fixed within 24 hours.


WP Activity Log is what we do. We have been working in the security industry and on the plugin for years and it is of our interest to have the best WordPress activity log plugin. Our team has decades of experience in software development and web application security. We invest a lot of resources in research and development so we can continually improve both the free and premium editions of the plugin. In fact on average we release a plugin update every month.