WP Activity Log 3.1 Released

We are really happy to announce the new version of the WP Activity Log plugin. The main highlight of this version is the new content alert systems, which allowed us to reduce the number of alerts we use and have a more efficient and flexible WordPress activity log system.

We have also improved a lot of things and have better support for third party plugins such as Restrict Content PRO. This blog posts highlights was is new and improved in the latest version of the most popular and comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin.

Consolidation of WordPress Content Alerts

The plugin now records the Post Type and Post Status of the content so we could consolidate all the content alerts. Post Type can be a post, page or any other custom post type you are using. WordPress has a standard list of post statuses such as draft and published, though custom ones can also be created.

This new functionality means that now we have one alert that covers all post types and statuses instead of individual ones.For example in the previous versions of the plugin, we had six different alerts to log that a post, page or post with custom post type were modified:

  • 2002: Modified the published post.
  • 2003: Modified the draft post.
  • 2006: Modified the published page.
  • 2007: Modified the draft page.
  • 2031: Modified the published post with custom post type.
  • 2032: Modified the draft post with custom post type.

In version 3.1 of the WP Activity Log plugin we have changed this completely. The plugin now  just uses one alert to log all of these WordPress changes. For this particular example the alert is 2002 and the message’s format is:

Modified the %status% %type% titled %post_title%.

So if you modify a draft post titled Joy Division that has a custom post type movie, the following record will be logged in the WordPress activity log:

Modified the draft movie titled Joy Division.

Below is a screenshot with some of the new content alerts.

Content alerts in the WordPress activity log

This change gives the users more flexibility when it comes to searching for alerts, creating reports or building email notifications, as explained in the next section of this post. Refer to the complete list of WordPress security activity log alerts for a complete list of all the WordPress changes the plugin can keep a log of.

New Search Filters and Improved Reports & Email Notifications

The new content alerts system allowed us to build even more robust premium functionality, giving the users more tools to work with.

New Filters in Audit Log Search

We introduced two new filters in our search, one for Post Type and one for Post Status. Therefore now you can search for logs about draft posts, or published posts that have a custom post type cars.

Post Type and Status Filters in Search

Improved Criteria Content Reports

We have included the new Post Type and Post Status as criteria in the new WordPress reports. So in the below example a report can be generated about all Movies posts that are Private.

Use the Post Type and Post Status criteria in reports to create reports for content of a specific type or that has a specific state.
Use the Post Type and Post Status criteria in reports to create reports for content of a specific type or that has a specific state.

New Criteria in Email Notifications Trigger Builder

We have also included the new Post Type and Post Status the Email Notifications builder. So for example you can now create an alert so every time an entry in the WordPress activity log contains information about a published post with a custom post type Movies you are alerted via email.

Other Notable Changes in Version 3.1

Apart from the big announcement above, we also improved a good number of things in this version of the WP Activity Log plugin. Here is a highlight:

  • Improved the priority of the plugin’s hooks so logins from custom forms are captured (e.g. better support for Restrict Content PRO and similar plugins).
  • Developed a new fallback system for display names so when users do not have a first and last name configured, the username is displayed.
  • Improved the tabs / UI of the Enable/Disable Alerts
  • Consolidated Post ID, Page ID and Custom Post ID in just Post ID in Email notifications trigger builder.
  • Improved the look & feel of the login page notification (GDPR compliance).
  • Improved the UI and queries used for the Users Sessions management.
  • Added the IP address requesting the non-existing page in the 404 log files.

For a complete list of what is new, improved and fixed please refer to the WP Activity Log change log.

Updating the WP Activity Log Plugin

The update of version 3.1 is available today and can be installed directly from your WordPress admin Plugins page. Should you have any queries or require any assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Note for Existing Premium Customers

On the 16th of January 2018 we started using a new licensing system and payment gateway. If you have purchased the plugin prior to the switch date, we will be sending you an email within a few weeks on how to update to the new premium version. Until then, the plugin and all the premium add-ons will continue to function as normal.

Rate WP Activity Log

Last but not least, please do not forget to rate the WP Activity Log on the WordPress repository. We value the opinion of our plugin users and always willing to learn more how it is being used. It will also help us spread the word and help other WordPress administrators learn about how they can keep a log of every change that happens on their WordPress.

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