WP Activity Log 3.1.1 – Improved Multisite Support

We are happy to announce the third release of the WP Activity Log plugin for 2018 – version 3.1.1. This is a minor release though it does include some significant changes, as explained in this blog post.

Better Support for WordPress Multisite

Previous to this version update of the plugin, sites on a WordPress multisite network were considered as individual sites by the plugin when it comes to licensing etc. So even when purchasing the premium edition of the plugin administrators had to manually enter and activate the license keys on every individual site on the multisite network.

We have changed all of this In this version – now multisite network administrators can opt-in and opt-out, and activate license keys from a central Account page in the multisite network dashboard, as shown in the below screenshot.

Central account page for all sites on the multisite network

When the premium edition of the plugin is installed on the multisite network, the super administrators can also see the licensing details and activations for every individual site on the multisite network.

Managing plugin site licenses on multisite


Improved Logging of Users & Visitors Comments

In this new version the plugin uses two different alerts to keep a log of posting of comments on a WordPress website:

  • Alert 2099 – Logged in user posted a comment
  • Alert 2126 – Website visitor posted a comment

Logging of comments activity in WP Activity Log plugin

Prior to version 3.1.1 the plugin only used alert 2099 to log posting of comments. Now that these activities have been segregated websites that have high volume of visitors comments can still keep a log of comments posted by logged in users without having their WordPress activity log full of alerts about comments posted by website visitors.

Refer to the list of WordPress activity log alerts for a complete list of changes that the WP Activity Log plugin can keep a log of.

Other Noteworthy Updates in 3.1.1

As usual we managed to fit in some other updates in this version. Here are a few of them:

  • Logging of user role change at multisite network level,
  • Improved the content sensor to log multiple content changes done at the same time on a post / page / post with custom post type,
  • Improved the plugin menu node on multisite network sites,
  • Post Type selection menu in Email Notifications is not automatically populated on multisite network install so users can specify their custom post type,
  • Changed severity of alerts 6007 and 6023 (404 errors) from High to Notification.

For a complete list of what is new and improved in this version of the most comprehensive and easy to use WordPress activity log plugin refer to the plugin changelog. If you have any questions, encounter any issues or simply would like to say hello please use our contact form to get in touch.

Thank you for using the WP Activity Log plugin on your WordPress to keep an activity log of everything that is happening on your WordPress websites and blogs.

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