Announcing activity logs for WPForms & add-ons in 4.0.1

Today we are really excited because we have two announcements! We are releasing WP Activity Log 4.0.1, and the new activity logs add-on for WPForms.

 Find out more about activity logs for WPForms, and what else is new in today’s updates in this post.

Activity logs for WPForms

In my opinion, WPForms is the most easy to use WordPress forms plugin. I like everything about it, including its website and the team that has built it. I really enjoyed working with them; they are very enthusiastic and easy going – Robert Abela, WP White Security.

We use WPForms on all our websites, and so do 3,000,000 other users. So forming a partnership with the WPForms team and building an activity logs add-on for WPForms was a no brainer.

With the new add-on for WPForms, the WP Activity Log plugin can keep a log whenever someone:

  • Adds a new form, modifies, duplicates, renames or deletes it,
  • Adds a new field in a form, modifies, or deletes it,
  • Adds, enables, modifies or disable notifications in forms,
  • Deletes an entry (lead) and more.

For more details on this partnership and this add-on refer to activity logs for WPForms.

Activity log add-ons for third party plugins

We are currently working to enable the plugin to keep a log of changes that happen in many other third party plugins, like we already do with WooCommerce, Yoast SEO and others.

In order to support many other plugins, yet have a lightweight activity log solution, we introduced the activity log add-ons for third party plugins. Add-ons are great because we do not have to include all the code in the main plugin. Users can choose which add-on to install, based on their requirements. So if for example someone is not using WPForms, they do not have to install the WPForms add-on.

The installer for third party plugins add-ons

Add-ons can be installed and activated with a single click from the Enable/Disable Events > Third party plugins section. Simply find the add-on of the plugin you want to keep a log of and click the Install Add-On button. Stay tuned with us as we announce the new add-ons later on this year!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In the next releases we will be migrating the plugin’s sensors for WooCommerce and bbPress as add-ons. If you are using our plugin to keep a log of changes in for example the WooCommerce store and products, please follow our news for when we announce the release of the relevant add-ons.

New event type “Renamed”

In WP Activity Log version 4 we introduced Event Types and Objects in the activity log. We added them to make the activity log easier to read. With them you also have more criteria to choose from when searching and using filters, configuring notifications, and generating reports.

With this update we added a new event type: Renamed. This is used when an object is renamed, such as a post, WooCommerce product or WPForms form. Event IDs 2123, 2062, 2084, 9077 and 9071 have already been updated to use this new event type.

New events with Renamed event type

Refer to the activity logs metadata for more detailed information on Event Types, Objects and all the other metadata reported in the WordPress activity logs.

Other noteworthy updates

Version 4 was a major update, so naturally version 4.0.1 includes a few followup updates and bug fixes. Here are some of the other improvements that we have included and are also worth a shout:

  • Updated / improved some of the plugin’s help messages,
  • Optimized the logged in users view (now it does not retrieve the latest event automatically, so it loads much faster),
  • Localised the text in JS files,
  • Started removing some obsolete code (mostly code used for upgrades in older versions)
  • Fixed an issue in the file names were not reported in the daily summary email,

For a complete list of what is new, improved and fixed in this update of WP Activity Log refer to the plugin changelog.

Update now to 4.0.1 (and install the add-ons for WPForms)

4.0.1 is a minor update. However, with it we are introducing the add-ons for third party plugins. So it is recommended that you update to this version to prepare for future updates.

And of course, if you use our friends’ plugin WPForms and you want to keep a log of who is changing the forms, adding or removing notifications, or doing something else on the plugin, then install this update and also the WP Activity Log add-on for WPForms.

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