Update 3.5 : New front-end sensors & improved wizard

The main role of an activity log plugin (aka activity log) is to keep a log of the changes users do on your WordPress website. However, the WP Activity Log can also keep a log of other website activities that you should know of.

For example it can keep a log when new users register on your website, or when visitors request non-existing pages (404 error). In this update we focused on improving these front-end sensors, and also introduced new plugin settings so you can optimize the plugin for your WordPress website.

Individual front-end sensors

The plugin’s front-end sensors keep a log of some activities that happen on the front-end of your WordPress website. Mainly;

  • User logins from custom login pages,
  • Visitors request a  non-existing URLs (404s),
  • New users register on your website,
  • New prospects make a purchase on your WooCommerce store.

In previous versions of the plugin you could enable or disable these sensors as group. In this update we have segregated the front-end sensors, so you can enable or disable these sensors individually. This give you more flexibility on what features you can enable and disable in the plugin. It also improves the plugin’s performance, i.e. you do not have to load sensors which you do not need.

Front-end activity log sensor settings

Improved first time plugin install plugin wizard

We have also added new slides in the first time install wizard so users can configure these sensors when they install the plugin.

Configuring the front-end logins sensor

Other noteworthy updates

Better WooCommerce activity log coverage: with this update the plugin also keeps a log of stock changes when products’s stocks change because orders are placed manually, or when the number of items in the orders is changed by shop managers.

Support for WooCommerce Tab Manager plugin: when the WooCommerce Tab Manager plugin was installed the plugin was not able to retrieve the correct product name. With the WooCommerce sensor update we have also addressed this issue.

Improved hide plugin feature: the plugin also updates the number of installed plugins when the hide plugin in plugins page setting, so there are no indications that the WP Activity Log plugin is installed on the website.

Update now to WP Activity Log 3.5

This update contains a significant number of improvements, especially for those who use our plugin to keep an activity log on ecommerce and WooCommerce websites. It also includes the new and improved front-end sensors, so please update to the latest version when you are ready.

For a more detailed list of what is new, improved and fixed in this update refer to the plugin change log. Thank you for trusting our plugin to keep a log of changes that happen on your WordPress website.

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