Update 3.4.2 – Plugin UX & performance improvements

WP Activity Log plugin update

In the last few plugin updates we focused on improving the plugin’s user experience (UX) and performance. WP Activity Log 3.4.2 is a continuation of that. The focus on this release are minor but much needed UX and performance updates.

30x Faster Database Queries, Search & Filters

Your WordPress activity log is stored in a database. This means that when you view the activity log or filter the views WordPress retrieves data from the database. By optimizing the database queries the plugin uses less resources, and also:

  • Browsing the activity log is much faster
  • Search results and filters work much faster
  • The plugin uses much less resources.

We are very happy with the optimization results; a search query in an activity log with one million records tused to take 350ms. Now takes less than 1ms!

Improved User Experience (UX)

We are planning a major UX and UI update to the activity log viewer for version 3.5. Though in this version we focused mostly on minor UX improvements, which together make a big difference:

  • MySQL server responses are displayed when the configuration of the external database connection is not correct,
  • The plugin now shows detailed errors when there are problems with the Twilio integration and sending SMS notifications, allowing admins to easily troubleshoot,

SMS Notification error

  • Added warning message and plugin is automatically disabled when the plugin is installed on a MainWP dashboard instead of the Activity Log for MainWP,
  • Several plugin prompts are now responsive and have better text.

Update to WP Activity Log 3.4.2

This update paves the way for a major UX and UI update in version 3.5. So we highly recommend you to update your installation of the WP Activity Log plugin, and to also benefit from the major performance enhancements.

For a detailed list of what is new, improved and fixed in this update refer to the WP Activity Log plugin changelog.

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