WP Activity Log Metadata

WP Activity Log events include metadata – additional information related to the event. You can find this metadata in the message section of the activity log viewer as shown in the screenshot below:

Click the ellipses in the Activity Log viewer to view activity metadata

What is metadata?

Think of metadata as data about the data, in this case, data about the data collected in the event. As such, you will find metadata accompanying WordPress activity log events. As metadata is event-dependent, not all events will have the same metadata. Instead, metadata for a particular event will be restricted to the data collected for that event.

Why is it used?

Metadata has a variety of uses including search, the ability to capture additional information, and other uses. In WP Activity Log, metadata is also used to run hooks, giving you the ability to extend the functionality of the plugin to meet custom operational criteria.

What metadata is available with WP Activity Log?

WP Activity Log has a large library of metadata. You can find an updated list below: 

































How to use metadata and hooks

WP Activity Log includes a number of plugin hooks that make use of metadata. Refer to the list of all available WP Activity Log hooks.