Locked Out of the WordPress Activity Log? Regaining Access

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The WP Activity Log plugin has two type of privileges:

You can change these privileges in the plugin’s settings. Though sometimes users can get locked out of the plugin. If you lock yourself out and cannot access the WordPress activity log, follow the below procedure to regain access:

    1. Open the WordPress database using phpMyAdmin or any other database tool of choice.
    2. Select the wp_wsal_options table. The plugin stores all settings in this table. Refer to the WordPress activity log database documentation for more information.
    3. Delete the following entries:
      • wsal-plugin-viewers
      • wsal-plugin-editors
      • wsal-restrict-admins
      • wsal-restrict-plugin-settings

Once you delete these entries the activity log plugin’s privileges will be reset to default: only the WordPress administrators can view the WordPress activity log and configure the plugin settings.

WordPress Activity Log Privileges Database Settings

The below are the settings the WP Activity Log plugin uses to store the user privileges:

  • wsal-plugin-viewers: This option is used to specify which users with a non-administrator role or roles can view the WordPress activity log.
  • wsal-plugin-editors: This option is used to specify which users with a non-administrator role or roles can manage the plugin and change its settings.
  • wsal-restrict-admins: This option is set to one when you restrict the default access of the WordPress administrators to the plugin .
  • wsal-restrict-plugin-settings: This option can be set to:
    • empty: default value
    • only_me: this is set when an admin restricts access to the plugin only to his/her user
    • only_selected_users: this is set when admin has restricted access to the plugin to specific users.