How to Import & Export the Plugin Settings

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WP Activity Log is not a plugin that you install and forget. Like any other logging and monitoring system you need to invest some time setting it up and fine tuning it to meet your requirements.

However, you do not have to configure the plugin from the beginning each time you install it on a new website. You can use the import/export plugin settings feature to create a base configuration for all your sites. Exporting and importing the plugin configuration to other sites can be done with just a few clicks. This document explains how you can do it.

Why do you need to import and export the plugin settings?

Many WP Activity Log users manage more than one WordPress site. Most of them frequently add new websites to their list, WordPress agencies. These agencies typically have a pre-configured setup to build new websites on. With this new feature now WP Activity Log plugin users can create a basic setup of the plugin and import it to other sites.

Exporting the WP Activity Log plugin configuration

To export the WP Activity Log plugin settings:

  • Navigate to the Settings node in the plugin menu
  • Open the Import/Export tab
  • Click Export Settings to export the plugin settings and save it.

What is exported with the Import & Export tool?

All the plugin settings that you can configure from the Settings node in the plugin menu are exported to a JSON file. Refer to the complete list of plugin settings stored in the database for more detailed information. Note that the below three settings are site specific, so they are not exported:

  • wsal-site_content
  • wsal-local_files_*
  • wsal-is_initial_scan_*

Also, the activity log data is not backed up / exported with this tool.

Importing the WP Activity Log plugin settings

To restore the WP Activity Log plugin settings on a new site:

  • Install the WP Activity Log plugin and navigate to the Settings node in the plugin menu
  • Open the the Import/Export tab
  • Click Choose File and navigate to the JSON export file
  • Import the plugin settings by clicking Import Settings. The import only take a few seconds.