Changing the plugin’s log files location

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The WP Activity Log plugin saves some data in a number of log files. By default, the plugin saves these log files in the /wp-content/uploads/wp-security-audit-log/ folder on your website. However, you can configure the plugin to save these log files in another folder on your website. This document explains how you can change the log files location.

What log files does WP Activity Log create?

Below is the list of log files that the plugin can save:

  • 6007_yyyymmdd.log: in these log files you will a list of non-existing URLs that logged in users requested.
  • 6023_yyyymmdd.log: in these log you will find a list of non-existing URLs that website visitors requested. Refer to keeping a log of 404 requests for more information.
  • request.log.php: in this log file you can find the requests your WordPress website receives. The logging of HTTP requests is disabled by default. It can be enabled from the plugin’s aadvanced settings.

How to change the log files location?

To change the location where the plugin saves the above mentioned log files, specify the new location in the plugin’s advanced settings. Once you specify the new path save the settings. Note that the plugin must have write access to the new location, otherwise it will fail to write the log files.

Configuring the log files location