New Reports Add-On Update: Statistics & Configurable Periodic WordPress Reports

We are happy to announce the new update of the Reports Add-on.  We’ve completely rewrote the code of the scheduled reports and much more. Here is an overview of what is new and improved in this update for this WP Activity Log premium add-on;

Schedule Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly WordPress Reports

The scheduled reports have been revamped. Now it is possible to schedule any type of report. To schedule a report all you need to do is select the criteria, specify the email address(es) of the recipients and the frequency. You can choose from Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly reports as shown in the below screenshot.

Configuring periodic WordPress Reports

Modifying Configured Scheduled Reports

All the configured scheduled reports are listed in the Configured Periodic Reports table. You can also modify any of the configured periodic reports by clicking the Modify button.

Configured WordPress Periodic Reports

Breaking Change:  Note that any of the previously configured scheduled reports will be disabled, so please reconfigure the new ones.

New Statistics WordPress Reports

In this new updates of the WP Activity Log Reports Add-On we also introduced the Statistics reports. These reports allow you to see how many times a user logged in, or how many pages the user visited and more. Below is a complete list of the statistics reports you can generate with the new Reports Add-On:

  • Number of logins for a user
  • Number of logins for users with a specific role
  • Number of views for a user
  • Number of views for users with a specific role
  • Number of published content for user
  • Number of content for users with a specific role.

You can also create a report with a list of all the different IP addresses every username used, or logged in from, as seen in the below screenshot. This report is handy if you want to ensure that for example a paid membership is not being shared by multiple users.

A sample of a WordPress Report

To create a statistics report simply click on the Statistics tab at the top of the Reports admin screens, select the criteria and specify the username or role. You can also specify a date range for the report. For example in the screenshot below I am setting the criteria to generate a report to see how many pages, posts or custom post types the users with Editor role has viewed.

Creating a WordPress statistics report

Updating Your Reports Add-On

The new version is 2.1.0. You will be alerted by WordPress that an update is available and you can update the add-on like any other WordPress plugin. If you are not alerted about the update you either have not activated your license key or it is expired. Please ensure you activate all your license keys so you keep on getting updates.

If you have any questions about the license keys do get in touch. We would be more than happy to assist you.

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