Search 2.0 Add-On for WP Activity Log Released

This update took quite some time to finish, but finally it is here. We are happy to announce the new Search 2.0 Add-on, which adds search functionality to WordPress’ most popular and widely used activity log plugin WP Activity Log. This update which features new functionality and also a completely revamped, new UI. Let’s see what is new in this exciting update of the Search Add-On.

New Search Filters

Prior to this update you could only search for a specific change done by a user by using the username filter. Now you can use the filters to search for activity from a user with a specific First Name and Last Name.

Filters in the Search Add-On for WP Activity Log

We also included a new search filter for Post Type. So if for example you have a blog post and a post of a custom type (such as Movie from a movie database) with the same name, you can easily filter the search results for changes that happened on that particular post type.

Save and Load Search Term and Filters

In this update of the Search add-on we also included the ability to save the search term and filters. Therefore if for example you have to search for something specific from time to time, you can save both the search term and filters and reload them whenever you need to do the search again.

Save, Load and Reuse a combination of Search terms and filters

Other Notable Updates in Search 2.0 Add-On

Apart from a number of add-on performance improvements, we have also:

  • Added a new button to clear search results,
  • Included hover over functionality to filter activity log either by IP address or username.

Updating to Search 2.0

You will be notified that an update is available for the add-on in your WordPress dashboard, similar to updating normal plugins from the repository. The update process is fully automated but should you encounter any issues, do not hesitate to get in touch. Note that you must have a valid and non-expired license key to be notified of the update.


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