Reports Add-On Version 2.1.1 Available for Download

Today we released an updated version of the Reports Add-On. This is a minor release and in it we:

  1. Moved the Reports upload directory to /wp-content/uploads/wp-security-audit-log/reports/
  2. Removed all of the wp_session cookie code (no longer needed)
  3. Improved the code that loads wp-config.php
  4. Removed the error log function.

If you have activated your license key you will be alerted that a new plugin update is available. In case you have any queries or need any assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Keep tabs of users & other activity on your WordPress site

Ensure user accountability, ease troubleshooting, get instantly notified of critical changes, generate user activity reports, & improve the security posture of your WordPress website.

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