New WP Activity Log Displays User Roles & Avatars

A new update of WP Activity Log is available for download. Although this is a minor version release, which includes a number of fixes to address issues reported in version 1 of the plugin, we still included some new features.

New Features in Version 1.1.0

  • The user avatar is shown in the alert allowing administrators to easily recognize users
  • The user role is reported in the WordPress security alert so administrators can get a better overview of all of the users’ activity
  • The username in the alerts is clickable, allowing WordPress administrators to easily access the user’s profile should they need to
  • New alert is generated when a user uses the file editor to modify a plugin file. The alert will report both the file name and location of the changed file, making it easy to track back any source code changes
  • PHP version checker; if the plugin is installed on a system running a version of PHP is older than 5.3 the plugin will notify the user and won’t install.

Audit Log Viewer displaying WordPress users roles and avatars

New WordPress Security Alert

  • Alert 2051: User changed a plugin file using the plugin editor

For a complete list of WordPress security alerts and WordPress activity that WP Activity Log can monitor and keep an audit of refer to theComplete List of WordPress Security Alerts.

Bug Fix in Version 1.1.0

  • Fixed wrapping problem in alerts dashboard widget

Plugin Upgrade & Release Notes

1. With the release of version 1.0 of WP Activity Log we changed the database tables and structure. This allows the plugin to work more efficiently and allows us to better scale the plugin. During this upgrade the old tables used in version 0.6.3 were not deleted. Therefore if you successfully upgraded to version 1.0 or later versions, such as this one delete the following tables from your WordPress database:

  • wp_wordpress_auditlog
  • wp_wordpress_auditlog_events

2. Since version 1.0 of WP Activity Log we started supporting PHP 5.3 and more recent versions only. There are a number of reasons from the development and security point of view why we only support installations which are using PHP version 5.3 or later, but in simple terms if PHP themselves are no longer supporting anything older than version 5.3 we are neither.

Download WP Activity Log Plugin

Download the WordPress security monitoring plugin WP Activity Log from the official WordPress plugin repository and start monitoring your WordPress and WordPress multisite installations today. For more details about the WordPress activity that WP Activity Log plugin can monitor refer to the List of WordPress Security Audit Log Alerts.

Upgrading WP Activity Log Plugin

Once you login to your WordPress using an administrator account you will be automatically notified that an upgrade of WP Activity Log plugin is available. You can upgrade automatically by clicking the upgrade link.

If you want to manually upgrade the plugin; download WP Activity Log from the WordPress repository, deactivate the plugin from the WordPress dashboard, delete all plugin files and replace them with the new files. Once all files are uploaded, enable the plugin from the WordPress dashboard.

Rate WP Activity Log Plugin

If you use WP Activity Log plugin and it helped you improve the security and monitoring of your WordPress blogs and websites, please rate WP Activity Log on the WordPress repository. If you have any questions, feedback or need support please get in touch with us by sending us an email on

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