March 2022 activity log extensions update

Update available *Activity Logs extensions*

We are happy to announce new releases for a number of WordPress activity log extensions, which when installed alongside the WP Activity Log plugin you can keep a detailed log of settings and other changes that you and your team do in other plugins.

In this month’s update, we are releasing the following updates:

  • Activity Log for Yoast
  • Activity Log for Gravity Forms
  • Activity Log for WPForms

All updates include improved coverage, with the extensions now able to log more activities than ever before. We have also updated the code across the board to ensure it meets the WordPress coding standard.

New activity log events

As previously mentioned, we have increased the number of activities that the extensions are able to track. This addition improves the scope of logs, ensuring a more comprehensive picture of changes. Below is the list of new event IDs:

Activity Log for Yoast

  • 8849: Enabled / Disabled a third-party integration.
  • 8850: Changed the Breadcrumb title of a post.
  • 8851: Changed the Page type in the Schema settings of a specific post type.
  • 8852: Changed the Article type in the Schema settings of a specific post type.
  • 8853: Changed the Default Page Type setting in the Content Type Schema settings.
  • 8854: Changed the Default Article Type setting in the Content Type Schema settings.
  • 8855: Added a new redirect.
  • 8856: Modified a redirect.
  • 8857: Deleted a redirect.
  • 8858: The redirect method has been changed.

Activity Log for Gravity Forms

  • 5714: Added / deleted note from entry (lead).
  • 5717: Entry (lead) was modified.
  • 5718: Exported entries from a form.
  • 5719: Imported / exported a form.

Activity Log for WPForms

  • 5513: Enabled / disabled anti-spam protection on a form.
  • 5514: Enabled / disabled dynamic fields population setting on a form.
  • 5515: Enabled / disabled dynamic fields population setting on a form.
  • 5516: Renamed a notification.
  • 5517: Changed the property of a notification.
  • 5518: Added / enabled / deleted a confirmation from a form.
  • 5519: Changed the confirmation type of a form confirmation.
  • 5520: Changed the confirmation page in a form confirmation.
  • 5521: Changed the redirect URL in a form confirmation.
  • 5522: Changed the message in a confirmation form.
  • 5523: User/website visitor submitted a form on the website.

For more detailed information about the changes the WP Activity Log plugin can keep a log of, refer to the list of WordPress activity log event IDs.

Other notable improvements

Aside from the addition of new events, we also fixed a number of bugs and refactored some of the code in the WPForms extension.

We are also working on a major update for the Activity Log for WooCommerce extension, so make sure you watch this space to be the first to know

For a complete list of updates, improvements, and bug fixes, refer to the changelog of each plugin, where you can find everything that has changed in the new version.

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