Integration with and Support for External Database in WP Activity Log 2.1

We are happy to announce the release of version 2.1 of WP Activity Log WordPress plugin. In this new version we added a number of features such as support for the External DB Add-on and integration with website. We also addressed a number of bugs. Here is a highlight of what is new in WP Activity Log version 2.1.

Support for External DB Add-on

With version 2.1 we are also releasing the all new External DB Add-on. This add-on enables you to save the WordPress activity log in an external database rather than the default WordPress database. By storing the activity log in an external database you ensure the WordPress activity log is not tampered with, even in case of a hack attack. You also improve the performance of your WordPress and also ensure your business WordPress website meets today’s strict regulatory compliance requirements.

Get All the Information about a Recorded IP Address with One Click

When a WordPress change is recorded by the plugin, the date and time when the change happened, the username and the role of who did the change and the source IP address of the user are all recorded. We integrated the plugin with website so you can get more information about the IP address of the user, such as the ISP hosting it, the country of origin and other geolocation information with a simple click.

The IP Address in a WordPress Security Alert can be clicked for more information about that IP

As seen in the screenshot above, the source IP address of the user is now linked and upon clicking on it you will be redirected to the website where you can find all the information you need about that IP. provides users with all the details they need about a particular IP Address

Ability To Exclude IP Address from Logging

We do not recommend you to exclude anything from the monitoring and auditing of WordPress though if you really need to, you can now also exclude an IP address from the monitoring.

Exclude an IP Address from being monitored by the WordPress plugin WP Securiity Audit Log

To exclude an IP address navigate to the plugin’s settings page, and in the Exclude Objects tab specify the IP address you want to exclude in the Excluded IP Addresses input field and click Add. Once ready click Save to save all the changes.

Option to Hide Specific Columns in the Audit Log

Select the columns you would like to see in the WordPress Audit Log ViewerBy default the Audit Log Viewer, from where you can see all the WordPress security alerts captured by the WP Activity Log plugin has the following columns; Alert ID, Type, Date (and time), Username, Source IP and Message. In a multisite environment the Site column is also included in the Audit Log Viewer to differentiate the alerts by site. In this new version it is possible to specify which of the columns should be shown or not. Untick any of the columns you would like to hide from the new option Audit Log Columns Selection in the WP Activity Log plugin settings.

Option to Disable WordPress Background Tasks

WordPress has a number of background tasks which are reported by WP Activity Log plugin, such as the deletion of auto draft posts. If you do not want the plugin to record and report such WordPress background activity tick the new option Disable Alerts for WordPress Background Activity in the plugin’s settings page.

Other Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 2.1

For more information about the changes and bug fixes in this version of WP Activity Log refer to the plugin’s changelog on the WordPress repository.

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