Infinite scroll & performance update for Activity Log For MainWP extension

We are happy to announce a new update of the Activity Log for MainWP, the extension that allows administrators to view the activity logs of all the child sites on the MainWP network from the central dashboard.

The main highlights of this MainWP extension updates are:

Infinite Scroll for the Activity Log Viewer

We have added a new view mode for the activity log viewer, the infinite scroll. The infinite scroll view mode is much faster and less resource hungry than the old pagination view mode. Also, you do not have to configure the number of events to show per page, or navigate through the pages to find the event you are looking for.

You simply scroll down and the events are automatically loaded, as can be seen in the below screenshot which highlights the differences between the two view modes.

Infinite Scroll VS Pagination in the Activity Log Viewer

We have also added a new option in the MainWP extension setting that you can use to switch between the two view modes. By default however the plugin will use the infinite view mode.

Major Performance Updates in the Activity Log Viewer

In the last few updates of the WP Activity Log plugin we have really focused on improving performance. We’ve learnt a lot and we are applying what we’ve learnt to the Activity Log for MainWP extension as well.

As a matter of fact, when using the infinite scroll and this update of the MainWP extension the activity log viewer is around 500% faster.

Integrated the Freemius SDK

The news all MainWP extension users have been waiting for! We are currently working on the premium features for this extension. We will be implementing the Search & Filters, Reports and other functionality.

So we implemented the Freemius SDK in preparation for the premium features and licensing module. Stay tuned with us and subscribe to our newsletter so you are alerted when the premium features are available.

Send Some Stars Our Way!

Even though this is a niche plugin it is already being used on more than 500 MainWP networks, which is a big achievement for a plugin that is only a few months old.

If you’ve been using this MainWP extension we would appreciate if you can spare a minute to rate it on the WordPress repository. Ratings are very important to us and for the future development of this extension.

Questions? Get in touch.

Thank you for using our MainWP extension and we are glad that it makes your life easier. Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to hear from you.

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