Search & Filters for the WordPress Activity Log

A WordPress activity log can have thousands of events. Trying to troubleshoot a problem on a WordPress site, identify a specific change or do forensic work without search and filtering functionality is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

Find What You Need in the WordPress Activity Log Within Seconds

The premium edition of the WP Activity Log plugin has text search and filters functionality, allowing you to easily and automatically find what you are looking for, within seconds.

Text Search

Type in what you are looking for in the search placeholder, for example a plugin or file name, a username or a post name and all the events in the activity log that contain that term will show up in the event viewer. Can’t be more intuitive!

Filters To Fine Tune Search Results

Sometimes text searches results still contain too many events. Use the built-in filters to fine tune your search results and find what you are looking for within just seconds. You can filter the WordPress activity log and search results by event ID, post type and status, user, user role, post type & status, and much more!

Automate Searches – Save Search Terms & Filters

In the WP Activity Log plugin you can save the search term and filters. So if you have to do searches on a frequent basis you do not have to manually type in the text and configure the filters each time. Just set them once, save them and when you need them simply click Load & Run.

Easily find the events you are looking for within seconds

Upgrade to premium to also get the reports tools, users sessions management, SMS & email notifications, activity log database tools and third party services integration tools.

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