Reports for the WordPress Activity Log

Reports for management, compliance, and to monitor the users’ progress?

Generate any type of user & site report from the activity log. The WP Activity Log reporting tool does not limit you to built-in templates – configure your own criteria to generate the WordPress report you and your management require.

Easily Generate Any Type of WordPress Activity Log Report

Generating a report from the WordPress security trail log is as easy as 1, 2, 3 – just specify the criteria and date.

Generate WordPress Statistics Reports

You can also generate statistics reports, such as a report that shows how many times a user logged in every day, or what pages a user has viewed over the last month. Criteria for statistics reports are also fully configurable.

Receive Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly Reports in Your Inbox

You already have too much on your plate and the last thing you want is to manually generate reports on a frequent basis.

With WP Activity Log you can configure any type of daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly report and have it automatically sent to your inbox. Configuring scheduled reports is very easy – configure the criteria, specify an email address, report name and frequency. Job done!

Different Report Formats for Different Requirements

WordPress activity log reports can be exported to HTML, CSV, JSON and PDF formats.

Generate an HTML or PDF report for your management and a CSV or JSON format report for your tech team, so they can easily import the data to another system or parse it automatically. CSV and JSON are universally supported formats and it is very easy for third party applications to read and parse data from them.

Generate the right report for the right audience in seconds

Upgrade to WP Activity Log Premium to also get the users management tools to manage users sessions, get email & SMS notifications of critical site changes, use the search & filters to find what you are looking for within seconds, and use activity log database tools and third party services integration tools to manage activity log data and mirror it to log management systems.

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