Integration Tools for the WordPress Activity Log

Easily export the activity logs of your WordPress site to your business’ central logging system or keep a backup copy of it.

The WP Activity Log plugin has a number of integration tools that enable you to mirror the WordPress activity logs to online services such as Slack, Papertrail, local and remote syslog servers and more!

Safeguard the Integrity of Your WordPress Activity Log

By segregating the WordPress activity logs from the site’s database you ensure their integrity. So in case of a hack, data corruption or hardware failure, the logs remain intact, thus can always refer to them for forensics and data gathering exercises.

By taking these safeguarding steps you also ensure your business WordPress site meets your industry’s strict compliance regulations.

Mirror the Activity Logs to Ensure their Availability

Logs are a very important asset in a post-compromise analysis, or when troubleshooting a technical issue. Hence why it is important to mirror your activity logs, so even if your website is inaccessible, you can still see exactly what happened before it all went wrong from the backup logs.

With the WP Activity Log plugin you can mirror the activity log to external databases and third party services such as Slack, thus ensuring that when something happens to the main activity log server, no data is lost and you can still access it.

Add the WordPress Activity Logs to Your Central Logging System

Add the WordPress activity logs to Papertrial, Slack or any other logging & collaboration solution. Make them available to your NOC team and everyone else who needs access without having to allow them access to your WordPress site.

Mirror the activity logs to your central business systems

Upgrade to premium to also get the reports tools, SMS & email notifications, search & filters, activity log database tools and users sessions management system.

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