Tools for Activity Log Segregation & Archiving

Segregate the WordPress activity log from your WordPress database and configure archiving to meet regulatory compliance requirements. Ensure the database remains blazing fast with the external database and integration tools.

Store the WordPress Activity Log in an External Database

By default the WordPress activity log is stored in the WordPress database. It’s impact on the site’s database is negligible, however by storing it in an external database you will ensure it does not have any resource footprint on the website performance and database size.

Safeguard the WordPress Activity Log & Ensure Its Integrity

By storing the WordPress activity log in an external database you also ensure the integrity of the logs, even in the unfortunate case of a successful hack attack and compromise.

Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Many business WordPress sites have to meet strict regulatory compliance requirements. PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO and others require website administrators to:

1. Keep a log of everything that is happening on their website,
2. Keep data for a specific amount of time,
3. Segregate the activity log data from the website server.

Make sure your website adheres to the regulatory compliance requirements with the WP Activity Log plugin – keep a log of everything that happens on your website, configure data retention, and store the WordPress activity log in an external server and database.

Archive Old WordPress Activity Log Data

The less entries a WordPress activity log has, the easier it is to find what you are looking for and the faster it is. Hence why in the premium edition of the activity log plugin we made it very easy for you to configure the automatic archiving of old activity log data to another database.

The archived activity log data is still easily accessible: use the drop down menu in the activity log viewer to choose between the live and the archived activity log. You can also search through the archived data and include it in the WordPress reports.

Better manage the activity log data with the right tools

Upgrade to premium to also get the reports tools, SMS & email notifications, search & filters, users sessions management tools and third party services integration tools.

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