Detailed Activity Log
for WooCommerce

Keep a log of everything that happens in your WooCommerce and stay on top of the game. Know exactly what is happening in your business, improve team members’ accountability, meet compliance requirements & much more!

Better manage your WooCommerce store & business! Keep an activity log of changes shop managers and customers do!

Keeping a comprehensive activity log for Woocommerce is really easy – just install the WP Activity Log plugin! It is the only activity log plugin that truly supports WooCommerce and can keep a detailed log of all the store and product changes.

WordPress activity logs

Comprehensive Activity Log for WooCommerce

The WP Activity Log plugin is the most comprehensive WordPress activity log solution. It has a dedicated logging sensor for WooCommerce which keeps a detailed log of all the WooCommerce store and product changes that your team makes.

In the logs the plugin keeps record of who made the change, their role, the setting or product name that was changed, and details about the change itself, highlighting if it was a text, status, metadata or any other change. The details are very important when troubleshooting a business otherwise it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Keep a Log of All WooCommerce Store Changes

A small change in your WooCommerce store settings can have a catastrophic effect on your business. So use the WP Activity Log to instantly spot user mistakes, ensure you meet compliance requirements and keep a record of WooCommerce store changes.

Our WordPress activity log plugin keeps a log of WooCommerce store changes such as:

  • Weight and dimension unit setting changes

  • Currency, taxes and checkout store settings changes

  • Base location and address changes

  • Payment gateways settings and changes

Refer to the list of events for WooCommerce in the WordPress activity log for a complete list of changes the plugin can keep a log of.

Keep a Log of All Product Changes

The plugin keeps a record of all product changes, including changes on variable products. For every change it records who did the change and their role, when, from where and also report the actual product change. The WP Activity Log plugin keeps a log when users:

  • Create, delete or change the status and visibility of a product
  • Change the text of the product long or short descriptions
  • Edit the product metadata such as URL, date and product data
  • Change price, stock quantity, weight or other product data
  • And many other similar changes!

Refer to the list of activity log events for WooCommerce product changes for more information on the changes the plugin can keep a log of.

Keep a Log of WooCommerce coupons, Orders Management & Other Changes!

Keeping a record of who processed, cancelled or changed the status of an order is a must for a successful business. The same applies to coupons, thus ensuring every sale is profitable. Hence why the WP Activity Log plugin also keeps a log of changes such as:

  • Product stock changes as a result of purchases
  • Orders management (order is created, processed, refunded etc)
  • Coupons creation, changes and settings changes

Refer to the ​complete list of events for WooCommerce in the WordPress activity log​ for more detailed information.

Email Notifications & Reports for WooCommerce Changes

Get Alerted via Email of Important WooCommerce Store & Product Changes

One of the many benefits of keeping an activity log of your WooCommerce store and product changes is that you can get instantly alerted via email of important changes.

Configuring them is really easy – just specify for which change you want to be notified of and the next time that change happens you receive an email directly in your inbox.

Generate Reports, Ensure Accountability and Use the Search & Filters for Troubleshooting!

The premium edition of the WP Activity Log plugin also allows you to generate any type of user, product and store report from your WooCommerce activity log data. You can also use the text-search and filters to search through the activity log and find any details that help you troubleshoot any WooCommerce store and business issue you might be having!

And last but not least, with the premium edition of the most comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin you can also see who is logged in to your store and what they are doing in real time.